The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Now Australia vs. probably Panama.


Yeah it will likely be Panama or Honduras, very slim chance of USA.


Is Argentina playing tonight?


00:30 UK time :confused:


Too late FFS!


Today will be a war in south america, the decisive match will be colombia vs peru. I think argentina has an easy task against Ecuador(i know argentina has been shit during this WCQ so anyhting could happen).


Watching Portugal.
Cedric with a WC cross here :arteta:
Luxembourg up against Bulgaria.
So many misplaced crosses in Switzerland-Portugal so far.
Belgium, Holland and Latvia up. Meanwhile, Portugal looking good.
Cedric can’t cross today.
Silva is fucked up in the head. What a silly challenge!
Griezmann. 1-0.
Typical Portugal: nice play, no end product.
Seferovic could have done better here. Great ball by Shaqiri.
Bernardo so close here!
Olly! 2-0 France! 1-0 Greece as well.


Own goal from Arsenal legend Johan Djourou :facepalm:


He is still a donkey, isn’t he?
2-0 Holland and 2-1 Belarus.


I hate Portugal so much. How do they always thrive in international comps? It’s just so lackluster whenever I see them.


That Robben goal WHOA the bend was insane.


1-0 Bosnia.
Hazard’s brother scores. Are they playing together for the first time?
2-0 Portugal!
2-0 Greece as well.
3-0 Greece now.
Latvia scores the third.
Eden this time. 3-0. 4-0 Latvia as well.
Switzerland comes close to score here.
Bulgaria equalizes.
CR7 has been average today.
4-0 Greece.
1-1 Estonia.
Truly awful display from CR7 today.
Lukaku scores.
1-0 Hungary.




Bosnia takes the lead again.
Fernando Santos is God. You always think he is dead, but he never gives up.
Holland is out like Bosnia.


So correct me if I’m wrong, but Slovakia are the unlucky 2nd place team that misses out on the playoffs ?




France wins, Holland beat us, off to the playoffs it is.


excuse me but…


Not bitter at all :wink:


Nice goal by robben, he is such a great player.


France have so much talent in midfield and up front, wish Wenger managed them instead of the outdated Deschamps