The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


I’m glad Winks lack of minutes for Spurs hasn’t stopped Southgate from calling him up, good player.

Right now he’s the most exciting option we’ve got in midfield.

Lallana in place of Rashford and I’m happy with that midfield & forward line being first choice tbh.


I read somewhere (the highlights feature on twitter) that Scotland getting a play-off spot would be bad for Ireland/Wales. Why would this be so when they are in different groups? Is it do with with rankings etc?


It’s to do with results. The worst runner up doesn’t make the playoffs. So a Scotland win means Ireland would need to beat Wales by a certain amount of goals - 3 I think. And for Wales, I think if Scotland and Slovakia both don’t win then Wales would only need a draw to qualify. It’s complicated.


Ahhh I see! Thanks for clearing that up for me, I forgot that a second place team misses out in one of the groups




Another top notch England display. Glad I opted to watch Scotland instead. It’s all going on in Slovenia!


smart goal from our signing for next season :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh shit

Mustafi injured.


he has been suspect for us anyway, but we are running low on defenders


The last 2 runners up places are between Slovakia, Croatia and Wales. If Croatia draw 2-2 and Wales 1-1 for example, Wales would lose out on a play off place because of yellow cards :rofl:


How can we not make it when the 2nd strongest team in the poule are fucking Sweden?! The whole appointment of Hiddink and then Blind made this hole so much deeper. Whilst that hole was already very deep if you look at the lack of talent that we have since forever. I hoped the u-17s generation that won the tournaments in 2011 and 2012 would give us something, but it’s hasn’t happened sadly. It’s incredibly frustrating too miss out on two consecutive tournaments.


And Ireland!


:see_no_evil: ah yes, of course. Those are the 3 teams currently occupying the 3 spots though.

But you know, if Ireland do win and NI end up being a seed we could see a NI v ROI play-off. That’d be pretty cool.

Big match tomorrow anyway. Choosing between Ireland and Aaron Ramsey is hard :thinking:




Think of it this way. Would you rather see Gareth Bale or Jonathan Walters at the World Cup?


Good point.

Come on Ireland.

By the way, I’m half Irish, so I will of course be supporting Ireland :ireland:


I watched the whole Slovenia-Scotland and well, Scotland deserved to go out. How can you pretend to qualify if you never attack?

Meanwhile, Croatia is pretty fucked. A draw tomorrow is not enough to go through.


ffs :sob:

How do we always fuck it up :joy::joy: we were winning 1-0 and heading to the playoffs at half time then come full time we are out again :joy:

Scotland are a hard country to support :cry: FOR FUCKS SAKE


Oh fuck. Anything but fucking Ukraine.


Football = life. Nice one Egypt.