The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Griezmann 2 summers ago when he carried Atletico to a CL final and France to a Euro Final would’ve been perfect, when we actually needed a striker as Laca has that place now. And he was hot back then unlike that mop on his head now



But true.


Even more so if we don’t make top 4 again, then it’s really REALLY not likely.


I wasn’t talking specifically about griezman or this summer. You can apply all the logic in the world to it but not every decision every footballer makes will be logical. We are still one of the biggest clubs in the world and we CAN attract that caliber of player. I’m not suggesting that we are going to do do so next summer.


Griezmann isn’t a number 9 you do realise ? I mean he can play that position but I wouldn’t say it’s his no 1 spot.


So you wouldn’t take him right now? Even when he is out of form, he is still miles ahead of many of our players.


Unless something changes drastically then I don’t think we can attract that calibre of player tbh.

I was really pissed last night haha so I didn’t exactly reply to your post that well in that I made about Griezmann and next summer specifically


Scotland’s time has come.


If one of Ozil or Alexis leaves it’ll make sense, we have too much competition in attack atm for Griezmann


Ok, it makes sense. I didn’t understand immediately :wink:


Would Griezmann go to Liverpool circa 2010/11?

No, he wouldn’t. And that’s the kind of reality we’ll be staring directly in the face next summer.


All we need is a draw against Ivory Coast and we’ve qualified for the WC for the first time in 20 years.


If they get through, everyone has to wear a fez… Please?


I like this team.


Cool team but is it the team we’ll start with in Russia? Trying out a new system with the likes of Cresswell and Trippier as wing backs is all well and good but will be of absolutely no benefit come June.

We know how it works with England - when it matters, the big names will be given the go ahead regardless if they deserve it or not.


The midfield is still utter turd, tbh.



Wish Hoddle would shut up ffs


Yeah his commentary is fucking dire, as with pretty much everyone on ITV. Watching England is boring enough ffs

Kane 1-0, good penalty


No crowd noise? :thinking: