The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Cyprus leading Greece!
Switzerland up as well.
2-0 Switzerland and game probably already over.


Let me refresh your memory then…


That sounds like a pleasant evening :slight_smile:


Ok, it was a robbery. No problem in admitting it.

Don’t need to get angry at me though.


Greece leads now, as Holland.


Lol not angry at you at all. Angry at your cheating country :wink::wink::wink:


I know we have a bad name, but i am not a gangsta, you angus.


Lacazette bottles a big chance.
3-0 Switzerland.


yes, and bc of goal dif. if France lose their last game and we draw ours we win the grp. not likely, but possible lol


Now i get what you mean :wink:


3-0 Switzerland.


massive fuckup for xhakas goal from the goalkeeper


Morocco-Gabon 1-0. Morocco leading the table atm.
Good start in the second half for Bulgaria. Almost 1-1.
Holland :arteta:. 1-1.
4-0 Switzerland.
Lacazette not good today.
Always Cristiano :smile: 1-0.
Hungary pulls one back.
France should kill the game off or they risk.
Silva. 2-0 Portugal.
Robben. 2-1 Holland.
Lichtsteiner. 5-1 Switzerland.


Should have sacked Deschamps and hired Puel.


3-1 Holland. Pretty useless, tbh.




Wins for Holland(basically useless), Portugal(“now or never” against Switzerland on tuesday), Switzerland, Greece(now seconda) and Francia (1st again).


Good luck Swedish Gooners! No way we’ll beat you 7-0 :smiley:


Alexis and Ozil will be gone in the summer, as if one of the hottest properties in football like Griezmann will see this as being the time to join us over a better English club. Or many other clubs. Or over staying where he is. I just don’t see why anyone thinks we could attract one of Atletico’s best players if I’m honest. Griezmann is beyond a pipe dream


Body blow for Honduras conceding that late equaliser to Costa Rica.