Swansea City vs Arsenal (Premier League)




I found it kind of hilarious. Especially when he hid under the hood :sweat_smile:


Good win, needed the goal difference and the clean sheet. Still a lacklustre 1st half though, we have scored 27 goals away from home this season but when 4 each are against Swansea, Hull, Sunderland it alters the perspective a little.

Not worried at all about Sanchez ‘sulking’, far more concerned about Giroud’s left ankle.


Needed that. Great win and I thought Iwobi was fantastic today! We’re lucky to have him.


Our 3rd kit is hot and we always seem to win in it.






I apologize. Well done @GunnerGirl


Good win, have been a bit of a bogey team for us so good to do them.


After a poor first half because of a midfield without any idea, we have started to play better when Ozil tried to receive the ball into a better position.

Happy to see a solid defense and Iwobi on fire. This guy still has more weakness which needs to improve, but has the right spirit.

Only Ramsey is miles away to convince me.

I refuse to talk about Alexis and his scenes. If he wants to leave, is free for me to do that.


Paul Clement: “We had a big claim for a penalty. Looking back on it, it is a penalty.” :facepalm:


Ha because that would have made a big difference. I like his quotes though. When he got the Swansea job he said this:


The first half was played at a snails pace . Still an away win is always good but Swansea are going down with Hull and Spurs at this rate .


First half not great, second half we were just killing them - total domination. Good performance although I have to say it is the first time in a long time I have felt sorry for our opposition. They were really unlucky on a couple of the goals and they look like a completely lost team without a shred of confidence after going behind.

Can’t really ask for more than 4-0 away and 3 points - was important result and we did the business. Notable performance from Iwobi - kid did well. Defense much more solid - good to see.


Can’t feel sorry for them at all after that dive by Ki tbh

We’ve been on the wrong end of a few penalty calls it seems recently, mostly justified perhaps but this one we really didn’t need


I only caught the 2nd half as I got back from a wedding reception, Swansea seemed woeful and we did enough. About to watch the 1st half on replay now.


I know there’s no way to prove this but when I’ve made a mattch day thread we’re unbeaten as well @mysty. Going back to the old OA as well. I rarely make them though.


[quote=“Arsenal4thetreble, post:77, topic:1128, full:true”]
I know there’s no way to prove this but when I’ve made a mattch day thread we’re unbeaten as well @mysty. Going back to the old OA as well. I rarely make them though.
[/quote]Well, if we ever get the museum link back up and running, we’ll have to look one day and check some how :smiley:

Always good to have the magic touch when it comes to Match Day thread creating :wink:


Sounds a bit like my record of Arsenal being unbeaten when I’ve been to see them in person. It’s mostly because I tend to go to matches like Stoke, Hull etc. :wink:


Don’t a lot of your games end in a draw though @shamrockgooner ? Or am I geting confused with when you go watch a game with mates down the pub and we do bad? :gunnersaurus: