Swansea City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


Its January and the winter. 3pm is basically a night game :wink:


12:30 kick offs are not fun when you’re travelling up to Newcastle or Sunderland away.

Also I read most players don’t like the 12:30 because it messes with the normal routine, i.e. having to CARB UB at 9-10 in the morning.


12pm is good as you dont have to wait long for the game, you can wake up straight away and watch.


Not here. Midday is 5am for me. I record all the games on PVR anyway and watch them at my leisure - just don’t go looking for scores on the web. Keeping clear of scores easy enough here in the universe of NHL, NFL, etc. What’s annoying is that one of the channels insists on flashing up the current score of other games in the top corner of the screen. Easy fix on that, too. I just stick a bit of cardboard over that area.


I used to love that slot on a Sunday Whilst I was in London, wake up hungover football on and kick start a Sunday Session.


C’mon Arsenal! Let’s get back to the winning way in the league.


I am in such a sweetspot in terms of Premier League match times. The earliest it comes on for me is 5 pm, and with 11 pm the latest kickoff (unless theres one of those weird midweek matches).


Defeat now is unthinkable…scum cunts winning.



Expected line-up.


Hopefully Ramsey being Cardiff should be well up for this… Hopefully not too much of this…


No need to be wearing blue…




Sorry didn’t see the time, here we go http://craigduarte.co.uk/mdc/ :+1:


Hanging on in there, keep it together FFS.


What a dive by their player :rage:

Love it when a ref gets one of these right and actually books them for the dive.


What a poor display against such a poor team. Wake the fuck up, FFS!


Goal up. Good stuff. Lets get two more.


WTF has Lucus got to do to get on the pitch.


Weird game. We didn’t play that well. The first half was very crap, while the second half was slightly better. We were just lucky, but i take it.


That’s a very good win.
Playing away, they have a new manager, and we haven’t been playing that great lately.
Also, with spurs winning by four, we needed a good performance and a few goals.
Shame about Sanchez sulking but it shows he cares.