Sutton United vs Arsenal (FA Cup)


Is being Sutton United’s GK coach that well paid or does he do a paper round as his full time job.

Going by the size of him the only paper he delivers is to his local chip shop.


What did you honestly expect? Brought the club’s name into disrepute on the national stage for the sake “banter”


Lol I didn’t even know the clubs name until like last week.


It should be the bookies responsible for this and not him.


Lost his Fifa deal too


Probably he can do it without any problem in the Conference, as no one controls him.


Fucking officialdom these days. None of this shit used to matter at local level football. When Stevenage Town, for one example, back in their Delphian League days would run out from the dressing room/shed it wasn’t uncommon for one or two of the lads to be dubbing out a fag.

Half time oranges and fags.


Honestly, who gives a f*ck? Thought it was just something funny and not deadly serious for a change. Shaw everyone a good laugh! Bring that cannon back imidietly.


3 Things

  1. 50k to Sutton’s Community Charity…Shows true class by Arsenal, while saying ‘stick it’ to FA rules that stopped us donating back our gate receipts.

  2. Piegate - Shaw was a mug, knew what he was doing, and made sure it was as public as possible (almost screaming ‘look at me, look at me, I’m eating a pie’), completely cringe, borderline disrespectful to the competition and undoubtedly made some money for himself and others on a manufactured bet.

  3. Dreams of a Arsenal V Scum final wont ever happen…the FA wont allow a NLD Final, there would be murders…the NLD isn’t a friendly derby like the scouse one is…you can bet the draw will be rigged against it happening…we will get them in the semi, assuming they get past Millwall.


Clear as day rigging bets for his mates. What a chump.


At this risk of sounding all philosophical, the moment he knows that bet exists is his decision not rigging it one way or the other anyway? (I know the odds were obviously favourable in one direction).

It’s the kind of stupid bet companies put on to look like they’re kings of banter so they should take the hit. Though I guess the coverage alone is worth more than the “five figure sum” it’s costing them and they seem proud enough to shout about it.

And if it’s “caught on camera eating a pie” then there’s surely no way to guarantee that the BBC would see it or be interested in it, unless the cameraman or the director need to be under investigation too. That would’ve been my defence at least :grin:


It’d be very difficult to prove intent and I doubt now he’s resigned that any worse consequence will follow.

However yeah knowing about the bet he is basically rigging it either way BUT isn’t it interesting that he chose the way that would get anyone he may have clued in paid out at 8/1?

Edit: Also, the odds of a man eating a pie on the bench for even a semi pro side seem oddly short at 8/1.


In his position I absolutely would have eaten the pie. I doubt many would have taken the moral stance not to in all honesty.


I had him not to eat a pie…


Shows how silly online betting companies are getting really. It’s all hype and promotion. I can see why people think the FA are being silly in pursuing this (Gary Lineker thinks as much I belive), but I perfectly see why they are. If they let this go unnoticed, where would it eventually stop? Much like Bendtner at the 2012 European Championship, the interference of betting companies should definitely be dissuaded and limited.

Rant over :slight_smile:


If they really wanted to do that though (and I think they probably should) they’d make moves to start the banning of teams having betting companies as sponsors. The FA have a gambling partner themselves though so that’s obviously not something they are going to do.

If I thought this was anything other than going after an easy target I’d probably be all for it but they’ll never tackle the real issues because that wouldn’t be in their interests.


Thought the pie eating incident was incredibly cringe if I’m honest. All of that shitty lad banter aside, that’s a really poor way to represent non league football in this country. Instead of focusing on the decent talent who could probably step up a league or two (Deacon being the obvious one), the focus was in some fat cult legend who ate a pie on the bench.


Prove intent…? He deliberately gets off the bench then proceeds to eat in an ogre like fashion, I mean who eats like that? It was so blatent and fucking cringeworthy. Properly put a downer on Sutton’s big day.


I think a lot of people would choose not to be part of some shit PR scam for a bunch of cunts like The Sun, especially because such a scheme clearly had the potential to tarnish a great moment for the little club you care so much about (which I don’t doubt he does).

He should have seen this coming from a bloody mile off lol


Tbf, I think a boat smuggling contraband is probably brighter than him.