Sutton United vs Arsenal (FA Cup)



That was unsurprisingly bad


Biggest away win in the FA cup is 7 1 at Burnley. 7 0 beats that, so go out and do it.


Sitting next to troopz lol, imagine that…all through the match the constant cussing with the words blud and fam in your ears 30 times a minute!


I can’t talk because I’m foreign and I can’t be at The Emirates every week, for you is not racist (he invited me to support my local club because I wasn’t born in England), prevarication, fascism? For me yes.


I think that would fall under ‘due provocation’ and ‘for the common good’ defences after you smashed his head in…


I can’t see more than a 2/3-0 win on our current form.


You thought we’d beat Bayern but on current form we’ll only score 2 v Sutton? Tut :grin:

To be honest, we should hammer them, but I don’t know if that will be all that enjoyable so I’d be happy with 2 or 3. Don’t really want to embarrass them.


It’s small minded and makes the bloke look like a wanker, no doubt, but it’s not racist or fascist.


Just hope we take this seriously and don’t make too many changes, the sort of team that beat So’ton in the cup will be ok, but do need a few first teamers…would be good (and right) to see Perez start too.


Alexis in the squad, Ozil off to holidays. Find the differences.


Any result is possible with this Arsenal team. The regular players need to be pushed and justify they are good and hungry enough to play for the club!


Wheres that? Looks familiar


Knew you’d blag a ticket SLAG, enjoy the match


Line Up

Gabriel, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal
Elneny, Xhaka
Reine Adelade, Lucas, Iwobi

Strong side…cant see any mishaps here


LUCAS. <3 hatrick incoming.


Should be enough to beat them. Finally Lucas plays!


Strong team. No chance are we messing this up. Even that is below Arsenal. At least Sutton will get a nice payday though, they can fix their leaky roof.


Strong enough side but I still would have played Samchez and Ozil because we simply have nothing to rest them for.



Finally Wenger ffs.:grinning: