Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Kos about to turn 32 with fitness concerns, Monreal 31 and a convert (though I trust him), Gabriel shit, Mertesacker retiring (and I’d assume he had fitness issues right now too).

We could certainly make room for another CB but I reckon it’ll only be when Mertesacker officially leaves next summer that we buy someone.


The new left back from shalke can play CB and also their is belik from the youth team who looks very good, or even maybe El neni in the middle of the back 3 although that was a lot more likely to just be a pre season thing to give him some minutes I quite like he idea



I would sell Chambers without hesitation. I’m not impressed, never been. However! I do not rate Gabriel that high either. One of them should however remain as backup, because I don’t see Arsene splashing out on a top defender. Right now I think Gabriel is the far better choice. Not a good one, but less crap than Chambers.


I think Bielik should be considered within the next year, looks great as a ball carrying CB, one which Arsene seems to want to utilise in his defence right now and he had a solid season with Birmingham last term. Although, Chambers on merit has experience in the league to back it up and generally seems to be an interesting option too. It’s just difficult to juggle and solely depends on what HE wants right now.

It’s a funny turn of events really, considering Arsenal have been renowned for having such little depth/quality in this particular area, now we seem to be teeming with all sorts of options, good and bad!


Yep can’t seem Chambers being sold off would be incredibly stupid.

@Ocke Never impressed? That’s harsh on him tbh, he was very impressive initially and subsequently run into the ground.

@Castiel: You do like your pipe dream mate, first Mbappe and now VVD :joy:


I would rather we kept Chambers and got rid of Gabriel. But we don’t know the role they play behind the scenes and we don’t know the insight given by coaches and the statsDNA business.

So I am going to trust the decision is correct, but can’t help but feel Chambers should be kept on the basis that we should be developing English talent.

If anything Holding ended any hope Chambers had at a career here though. That’s the sort of competition for spots i like. Plus it’s weirdly quite nice to see us just move someone on.

VVD. :crossed_fingers:


Go big or go home bru.

Would be a better mantra than all this victory through harmony bollocks that isn’t paying dividends.


I think the £35M or so we spent on Mustafi put paid to much movement for development in a fledgling CB. I think signing Chambers from Southampton at the time was simply a poke in the dark at unearthing English talent.Since his signing, we’ve actively bought two? CB’s after seeing what he has to offer? Seems like Wenger isn’t/wasn’t impressed totally by Chambers.


16 mil? Bring him to Croydon immediately :grimacing:


Agreed actually. A shame since he had a good season at middleborough.


@Oliver, get Calum to Croydon ;). You are from here :wink:


Cheers for being a wingman. Maybe a girl next time though?


@Darkseid I don’t think it is really. He impressed in Soton for being a young player. He had a few ok/good games for us, but he was never consistent and I don’t think he can take that last step becoming good enough for a top team.


This summer is turning out worse than I expected. I’m sure I won’t be satisfied come the start of the season


Why did you expect from the summer?


[quote=“SDGooner, post:1479, topic:1440, full:true”]
Why did you expect from the summer?


That’s we’d be smart on all fronts. Retain the right players, sell for good money. Considering how “proactive” the club is being the lack of CM news is concerning.

Lemar deal looks suspect, Alexis still unresolved etc Still looks like Wenger won’t bin some of his faves

Till alot of time to go, anything can happen but it feels we’ll be short at the start of the season. I’m not happy with the ways things are going currently


Yeah me either… I’d rather have sold Gabby than Chambers, and frankly Chambers seems like a decent fit in a back 3 system to me assuming he continued to develop the mental side of the game. Feel like we are hardly shedding any of the deadwood and if that it is reason for not bringing in new people, that is a double ouch.

Laca and Kola great start… not enough and I have no faith we will do enough next window, especially if Sanchez leaves this summer or next summer.


He was indeed consistent and had more than a few good games for us tbh.

Thinking you’re jumping a bit in saying he can’t make the next step especially when he was playing in such a tactically inept team and manager and still did well.

Time will tell.