Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


A squad can contain max 25 over 21s (or whatever that is) and a maximum of 17 of that 25 can be non home grown. City have been below the 25 registered a couple of times due to not having 8 home grown players. (Although as others say that’s padded out by under 21s anyway).


Monreal should have the LCB on lock. Holding and Mustafi can compete for the RCB


I’d have mustafi - kosh - Monreal as my first choice back 3 with either holding or mert as 1st back up depending on who needed replacing and who we were playing against

I just think with mustafi being comfortable at full back and obvoiusly monreal being too we can almost play a 1-5-2-2 formation when we have possession


I completely forgot that we signed Kolasinac meaning Nacho can play LCB. :giroud3:

I’m a massive Holding fan though, so I just want him to play as much as possible and I think he’s good enough already to do so.


Gabriel is a bust of the highest order.

Chambers should be retained, will still go on to be a quality CB. Selling him is nonsensical especially considering we’re playing an aging back three with Kos that will have recurring injuries that need to be managed and Per who may not be up to the rigours of a full season.

I’m not buying it especially when Palace just signed Jairo Riedewald who is a promising CB and are also in for Martins Indi.


Could still use Nacho as wing back. Was good against Sidney in that position.


Good job because we’ll be short come the first day of the season. No Kos, Gabriel is injured and Holding, Mustafi and Chambers aren’t even back in training yet!

I hope it’s not Déjà vu. I do not want a repeat of the first game from last season.


I wouldnt say he is total bust, there has been games where he has been quite good for us, unfortuntely followed by shit injuries. He is not the best but has been solid enough sometimes a benchwarmer definitely but we have had far far worse!


Nah he’s a bust.

He can’t pass, isn’t comfortable in possession and has poor anticipation. Complete antithesis of what an Arsenal CB should be.

Should be shipped off at the next available opportunity and shouldn’t get any games ahead of any of the other defenders.


Gabriel looked pretty good when we played 3 at the back

Gabriel at his worst for us looked no worst then chambers did when he was playing badly IMO

I’d loose chambers before Gabriel my self but don’t think theirs much in it and I guess you could say chambers has a higher ceiling maybe


Gabriel is among, if not, the worst senior signing(s) Wenger has made in the last 5 years and that all because he fucked up the summer before when gambling on Kos to stay fit.


Chambers actually has a high ceiling and has played better than Gabriel overall, in truth they can’t be compared.

Gabriel’s skill set or lack thereof rather is not befitting of an Arsenal CB, Chambers on the other hand has all the attributes it would take to excel here he just needs some more experience and a better tactical setup to allow him to flourish.

No one should forget how many were waxing lyrical about him when he first arrived, he was playing exceptionally well particularly in Europe which lead to a couple caps for England.


Holding and Mustafi are under 25.

Per is 4th choice already. We won’t ask him to play a full season.

We have to get rid of bodies. It’s probably easier to get rid of Chambers than it is getting rid of Gabriel.


Where’s this selling Chambers stuff come from?

If we’re selling him now there was really no point in buying him. He’s not done a great deal wrong from what I can see?

He’s at the very least a better right back than Gabriel who had far too much time there for my liking and I can’t imagine him being any worse as a CB.


Sky Sports. So a pinch of salt is necessary.

However we need to sell players. Too big of a squad.


Chambers is the last player we should be selling and actually has a future here.

Walcott, Gibbs, Debuchy, Gabriel, Perez and the like are the ones that are deadwood.


Sure. But if Gabriel is unsellable and Chambers isn’t you have to make choices. It’s not like we’re selling a undisputed starter either. That might be a level Chambers might not reach anyway for us.


Whether we can sell Gabriel isn’t really the point tbh, he should be loaned out then.

He doesn’t and will never suit this team, keeping him around is foolhardy.


It depends if they used the words STRONG and SERIOUS


I think there may be some truth to the rumours that we are in the market for another centre back. Monreal is certainly a viable option and I think it will be a rarity to watch a game this season where he isn’t in the first 11 in some capacity.

Saying that I have huge question marks surrounding Koz’s fitness, I really hope we are in for VVD as I think regardless of the price he would be an absolute coup.