Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


LOL. Shots fired at the chavs


According to his wikipedia Stuart Taylor has played less than 100 career games. Lad has stolen a living.


Indeed. At least he can laugh at himself though, slight ratings for that.

In all honesty, I’m a right lazy cunt by nature, I’d have done exactly the same he has


Don’t get me wrong, he’s basically my hero. :smile:


Gotta admit, loving this new announcing trend


Wonder where he’ll go?


He have any legs left?


(Serious incoming) I sincerely just refuse to believe that. Between the degree (masters?), dogs and running this place I reckon you are anything but a lazy.

What are you doing now anyway? Can’t for the life of me remember what you graduated in.


Can only see him going back to Italy.


where was he before?


No offence to their league but I can’t believe a superstar like him spent a good number of years in Turkish football. Usually players of his calibre go there in the twilight of their careers so I remember being really surprised. I know the top clubs there have good funds and considerable followings, but at 29 he still would have been class in the very top leagues and still within his prime. Not clued up on his personal life but he must have loved being in Istanbul.


What a beautiful day. What a great image as well showing juve fans two things they’ll never get to call theirs ever again.


Milan haven’t had a bad summer have they. Might be worth following them closely next season.


Funny how it went from Allegri definitely leaving to all the ones he disagrees with leaving.

But Jesus, talk about strengthening a rival. Absolutely terrible deal.

I wonder what he’s getting paid because I’m pretty sure he’s that dream level CB signing that clubs are crying out for. He’d walk into the United or City team and probably bag £200k a week which I’d guess is probably double what Milan will give him.


He’s officially the highest paid player in the Serie A on €8m per year plus bonuses. I’ve read he’s on around €200k per week when you factor in bonuses.


Allegri is such a cunt sometimes. He already pushed Pirlo out of Milan.


Wow I wasn’t expecting that. That’s a big pay rise.

If Milan are willing to play in those kind of leagues then it might not take them too long to compete with Juventus.


I love that he did that. Pirlo wasn’t the same player after 2006, lost all motivation and only turned up five times the following season, he’s the reason arsenal beat us in 2008, just let fabregas walk past him for the goal. 6m€ a season he was on for what? Nothing, then he goes and shits on Milan in his book, he can burn in hell.


Fair point, but Allegri can still be a cunt at times.


I think I’d like having a cunt as a manager.