Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Chelsea and Mancity please, would be much appreciated if they would just fuck off!


Interesting isn’t the word I’d use


I’m sure it’s not decided as simply as all this, but I’d sure like us to sign Lemar before both Mendy & Bakayoko get sold


Fuck Pep! If they got Mendy Monaco would probably sell no one else.


Is a chance created from a free kick somehow less valid than one created from open play?


Its easier but not less valid, many of Ozil’s assists for us have came from corners.




Okay, why?


Walker can be a beast of a full back on his day. Very quick and stamina a plenty. Add the additional Englishman fee and his age, 50m sounds about right.


Since he’s been fit he’s been the best RB in the league.


Read that Walker will be the 14th most expensive player in history. Probably much lower by the end of the summer but still pretty crazy.


Imagine paying £50m for Walker though. I thought the rumoured asking price of £50m for Dier was a joke, but… seriously, if Pochettino can get over £100m for these 2, then put him in charge of Brexit negotiations;


I wonder if we can get £50m+ from some mug for Walcott…please let it be, please let it happen :giroud:


Manchester City sucks.


If Walker could actually cross the ball, then £50m might be a fair price.

But if he could cross the ball, I don’t think he’d be sold anyway.


Spurs must be laughing, in no way is Walker a £50m player. Really shows you how inflated the market is, especially for good English players.


Well he’s certainly got the hang of securing a swift exit from Europe


Bellerin rumours done for this summer at least.



Another portuguese for Barca. The last one hasn’t been that successful :xhaka: