Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Aurier is a big dickhead. Don’t think Wenger would love him here.


Every great team needs a couple cunts, he wouldn’t be the first player we’ve had to have some off the field issues and he probably wouldn’t be the last.

I did forget about the UK ban against us though.



Being a cunt is one thing, being so much of a cunt you get banned from an entire country is an entirely different level cunt.


an Übercunt


That is a level of cuntery that even Joey Barton hasnt managed…he would be proud! :cech:


I’d still have the Übercunt in our team :slight_smile:


PSG and Inter will get involved shortly, fear not


£45m for Perisic is madness.


40mil for Sigurdsson :facepalm: :sweat_smile:


I love siggy. Never 40m though. Unless he counts as homegrown or something maybe? Even then that’s absurd.


to be fair though he has been up there with the best midfielders in the league since he’s been at Swansea


It really isn’t a stretch in this market, he’s a very good player and incredibly consistent.

Would fit a Koeman team like a glove.


Set piece merchant. Everton’s clueless.


Sky sources at it again…

They’re getting torn apart if true, Bakayoko leaving next week apparently, I wonder if they’ll let go of Lemar/Mbappé after this, anyway it needs to get done asap, for them to find suitable replacements for all departing players.


For me it is, the market might be fucked but I still think Gflyi’s worth 20-25mil max, he literally lives off set pieces.


Interesting that Kyle Walker would go for that sum. Some real improvements on his side to become this valuable.


£50m for Kyle walker…jeez the world has gone absolutely insane! Just think £100m+ for Stones and Walker :gabriel: :bellerin: :arteta:


Yeah Walker has it all physically but has historically seemed like a footballing moron… maybe he has improved in that regard but can’t say I have watched enough of Spurs recently. Spurs do have a way of selling players for massive fees… they got more for Walker than we did for Thierry Henry or Cesc Fabregas lol (ok, ok invalid analysis given timeframe, but still funny).


Just goes to show how bloody stupid the money in football has become. A bang average right back going for 50 million…jeez…
The sooner one of the supposed “bigger” clubs goes broke the better…