Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Completely out of the blue. It means some of their attacking players are surely off.


Yeah Douglas Costa’s gone Juve & Gnabry’s gonna join Hoffenheim on loan for a season.


@Darkseid, Real let Sneijder and Robben leave :wink:


That’s part of the reason why Bayern are so much better than us, have players like James on similar wages to the likes of Theo Walcott lol.


That’s more of a reflection of the PL vs Bundesliga, rather than the clubs themselves.


Love it when Pep gets pissed off


haha love this


Yeah, catalan cunt.


I’m not endorsing this nonsense lol


Shut your racist pasta hole, Mario.


Let the man speak.


So Bayern bought a body in to compete with/takeover from Robben/Ribery and Juventus signed Douglas Costa and a rumored to follow another winger (Bernardeschi) and Sanchez is still here… The whole he’s not going to a ‘rival’ talk seems more unlikely by the minute.



Croydon beer boy :xhaka:


The only thing that would make sense if it were a 4.5m loan fee per season plus his 120k wages on top. It’s still the bargain of the transfer window.


Interesting to see where Aurier goes now, despite the issues he’s had off the pitch I suspect he’ll join a bigger club than PSG.


Wouldn’t mind selling off Bellerin if it meant bringing Aurier in.

Aurier is top quality, Pep should be after him rather than Walker he’s better and would be cheaper.


Problem is that Aurier is a bit of a headcase…not sure if he will help or hurt a team. No doubt he has quality but at the same time it looks like he could be a very problematic player…a bit of a Balotelli type.


Aurier is a cunt who was literally banned from entering the UK. I’m also under the impression that that isn’t the only example of him having a negative attitude.

Wasn’t he banned from the PSG first team for a while for saying something stupid?


Yes he was, and rightly so. Do not want him here.