Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Doesn’t his contract expire in 2019? So why would Bayern need to pay £31m?


Hmm, yeah. Why would there even be a buy clause if they are in the position to snap him up on a free at the end? :neutral_face:

Unless RM have some kind of optional extension clause akin to the one we had with Rosicky?


He must have signed a 6y contract back in 2014 then, which binds him to the year 2020.


That’s most likely, news outlets reported he signed for six years, however, other sites mention his deal expiring in 2019

In any case Real were forced into this which is a little funny, I guess this makes Bayern favourites for the Bundesliga title.


Baffling deal. Those figures surely can’t be right.

Google says he’s on 120k a week. There’s no way nobody other than Bayern could give them a better deal than 4.5m a year? For a two year loan I’d expect to be paying something more like 20 million for him + his wages and in this stupid market some English club would have surely paid 35-50m for him permanently and given him a pay rise.


lol wouldn’t that have been the case anyway?!



That’s what they pay to Real Madrid for the loan


Haha that was too deadpan for me


Good signing. Weird deal, but a good move. I’m gonna very jealous if we lose Sanchez.


Yeah but that’s the equivalent of paying 22.5m for a 5 year deal, + you don’t have to give him a pay rise (although I’m assuming he must be getting some kind of financial benefit personally).

That’s very cheap and very low risk for them, and there’s talk of Madrid making sales to buy Mbappe (or whoever the rumours say it is now) so I don’t see how this would really benefit them?

Great for him though to experience the BL (and probably win it twice) and still be CL competitive without having to commit long term.


Definitely. This could easily be the deal of the summer.


Yeah it’s looking that way, it’s either them or PSG.


It’s incredible they’ve got one of the best #10’s in the world for a bargain & if he fails they can opt out such a great deal, thinking about it barring a few bossmans it might just be the best one I’ve ever seen.

As for Alexis Bayern would’ve had to obliterate their wage structure to sign him up it was never really realistic was it or am I just being naive in thinking Alexis wouldn’t have took a wage cut.


Smart move by Real I think. He needs to play and they can take him back in his prime years (if he performs), if they have that option in the contract that is.


Bayerns US account with another corker.


Bayern need twitter taken away from them.


Pretty sure the bond, James Rodriguez. Thing comes from some shit newpaper headline from a few years ago or something I’ve definately seen it before