Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Depends who you ask, his clients or the clubs. An asshole nonetheless but he mostly get what he wants.


75 mil for Lukaku and 250k p/w for Rooney this market is bump central


According to the mail he is looking at 150K though and United is going to pay the last year of his contract out. Everton is not paying him 250k. This scenario sounds more plausible imo.



That sentence is unbelievable.

Swansea rejecting 40m for Sigurdsson and Leicester bidding 40m

The great thing about this bid, if it’s true, is that it looks as if Leicester are spending the Mahrez money, before they sell him, maybe to us.
A bit like Everton did with Lukaku.


wow transfers are going mad now, Sigurdsson damn good player but £50m fuck off no way £35m tops i feel for him. £50m plus should be for top top players and i dont think he is that tier yet possible just on a ‘good’ tier but not exceptional.


Not good news for us if Mahrez money was to be used to sign him.


Wouldn’t mind him here. He is probably the best Cazorla’s replacement.


I agree.
A player of his ability should be aiming higher than a club like Leicester.
He might not be quite as good as Mahrez but we need that position filling, and he has proved that even in an average Swansea team, what he is capable of.


He would also give us some goals from free kicks, another weapon for us.


Lol exactly what I thought. Whichever way you cut it Lukaku is costing £75m, so that is pretty desperate logic


Apparantly Bayern and Juventus are in talks again about Douglas Costa. I wonder if that’ll influence Sanchez future…


It’s influencing one South Americans future that’s for sure

James said yesterday he wanted his future sorted in the next 48 hours aswell.


Not only that but the sell on clause comes out of Burnley pockets not Everton.


honestly I would love Sigurdson at Arsenal, but not for 50 million



Meaning if Sanchez does leave it’s going to be Manchester City for certain. Since Juventus can’t afford him either. Or we have to make him available to them for cheap.


Excellent signing for Bayern, hard to believe Real let him go on loan.

Two year loan deal takes it all the way until his contract expires and there’s only an option to buy they don’t seem to be obligated to do so.

Puts them out of the running for Alexis now you would think.


This transfer also seems to confirm clubs are not interested in Ozil. Or so I hope. Especially since Bayern signs all the Germans first.