Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Chelsea tried to re-sign the Belgium international but were not willing to match the fees Lukaku’s agent, Mino Raiola, would earn if the forward moved to Old Trafford.



Colombian source saying James is trying to push through a move asap to avoid preseason at Real.

Possible Ozil/Sanchez surplus player moment for us here?

Surely if Sanchez leaves one of the best possible outcomes for us would be to replace him directly with James.

James Lacazette Ozil would be juicy juicy.


Really hope we replace Sanchez with a big signing.


I mean the stars seem to be lining up.

We could get super lucky and experience another Ozil out of the blue type signing. James is surplus to requirements like Ozil and Sanchez, he’s only 25 and after watching some of his compilations on yt I do think he could occupy that left space behind the striker extremely well.


Madrid will probably need to sell James if they want to fund a move for Mbappe. He’s probably been waiting for Man United to come in for him but I’m not sure they’re interested.


This guy any good then? I know little about him.


I’m not sure the relationship between Real and United is great either. It looks like Arsenal could be the only realistic move for James if we’re even interested.

I would sell Sanchez in a heartbeat if it meant we got James.


I think Mahrez would be the ideal choice.
He is affordable and has proved, like Sanchez, he is capable of being the best player in the PL.
Also, like Sanchez, he is a winner and has a winning mentality.
He might not be the biggest signing but he wouldn’t need any time for adjustment and would walk into the first team straight away.


What a surprise! Raiola is just…well, Raiola, the worst football agent in the world.


United pay an amount of money for agents fee (Raiola & Mendes especially).



Meh defender with good physicality & ball playing.


I don’t really believe it but Madrid just signed Ceballos and they’ve got Isco…


Just read this in a whatsapp group

Everton will only receive £52.5m from Man Utd on the sale of Lukaku
Reason: 1. Wayne Rooney will join Everton on a free transfer. Everton wanted £100 million but with Rooney he is worth £25m
therefore £100 million-£25 million= £75 million
2. Everton didn’t finish paying Man Utd £15m for Schneiderlin who they signed in January therefor £75m-£15m = £60 million
3. Everton have bought Michael Keane from Burnley and Man Utd will get 25% of the sales (£7.5 million) therefore £60m - £7.5m = £52.5.


Kind of a stupid analysis really… were they not going to pay the Scheiderlinn fee or the Keano sell-on otherwise?

They weren’t going to get 100 million so the only remaining question is what is the delta between what would have been paid minus the Rooney deal… I’d say it is reasonable to assume it would have been 80-85 without Rooney - fact is, I am sure Mou was happy to ship him and get something for it plus reduce his wage bill to give room for others.


That reminds me of spurs fans trying to paint Sissoko as a good transfer because of the way the deal was apparently structured, it was all bullshit.


Apparently, Crystal Palace are in for Thomas Vermaelen. Barcelona want £5m. I forgot he’s only 31. In fairness, I feel terrible for totally forgetting about him. His career really took a turn for the worse after leaving us, such a shame he was so injury prone. His first three seasons with us he really was excellent, he was supposed to be for us what Koscielny has been.

He’s only had 20 league appearances since he left hand in 2014, with a few Copa del Rey and CL appearances.


It would be nice to see TV back in the prem, maybe get his career slightly back on track with Palace


Almost forgot about him. Great, great CB on his days for us.


We already did mate :laca:


Are we even looking for any replacements for Cazorla? Seems we have a big hole in the midfield to fill