Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Everton might have a billionaire owner but after selling Lukaku they won’t have spent much more than they get for him.
So the new owner might just be like Kroenke and using them as an investment.


How do you know for a fact he gets 250k a week though?

I reckon Rooney is not going to play offensive midfield for them. That’s why they got Klaassen.


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And who would be a better play who’d also be happy being a back up? Having someone with Theo’s end product that’s happy to be a back up/sub is an asset


I read that United were paying half of his wages. If true that would make it 125k a week from Everton’s coffers.


Here goes the same as for the cry of Giroud being the greatest substitution. Let’s fix the fucking starting eleven first before we start to think about that stuff. What does is matter if Walcott is such a great substitute when the starting eleven is shit? Fuck Walcott.


Giroud and Theo aren’t currently starters and our starting forwards have been strengthened with the addition of Lacazette. So your point is illogical.

You sound really hard swearing at footballers on the interwebz


Our (starting) forwards are not the only thing that needs to be fixed when it comes to the starting eleven. Centre midfield, (arguably) goalkeeper, Holding/Mustafi are solid/good not great. There are a lot more priorities that need to be fixed first before we should worry about ‘Plan Bs’.

The fact that he hasn’t established himself as a starting player after ten years is testiment to the fact that Walcott isn’t that good of player at all. We applaud mediocrity these days.


I was about to say something similar.
If Wenger doesn’t often pick him for the first team when all our attacking players are fit, then he can’t be that great, considering he is our longest serving player.

Why are we paying someone over 100k a week to sit on the bench.
We could give those wages to Sanchez to get him to stay.


I’ve seen that figure mentioned and believe or not he’d probably be taking at pay cut at 250K.

Klaassen is a CM and Rooney will likely play as a #10 if anything.

I can’t buy that United are covering his wages tbh.


They do seem to love throwing money away these days.


After buying Lukaku for an initial fee of £75mil though?

They also seem to be waiving a fee.


Bosz didn’t play with an actual number 10, but with a player in front of the defense (Schone), but Klaassen is an attacking midfielder/number 10. He has played there for the Netherlands and under De Boer. Unless Koeman is going to change things up.


Damn I wish we could throw Theo in as well.


Same can be said about Everton. They’re not going to sell anyone the idea that paying Rooney’s full wages (if it really is 250k) is a good financial decision. It would blow their wage structure to pieces.


I don’t even say this as a pisstake, but Luke was potentially about 8 when that happened, it might not be as etched in his memory as it is in some of ours.

Still think liking Rooney is pretty mental though lol


haha 11 or 12


I can, he isn’t going to play for them anyway so only paying 125k a week is better business than paying him 250k a week to sit on the bench.

Either way Everton get him on a free transfer, so maybe they can cover the 250k as if it were a transfer fee. 125kx104weeks=13million over 2 years. So rooney on 250k a free isn’t really such a bad deal when you think of it in that sense.


James Rodriguez refused to be part of the Real Madrid summer tour. :laca:

Kovacic ready to sign for Spurs. :laca: