Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


I gave up a long time ago, these uneducated Arsenal fanatics have no idea how fantastic Theo has been for us. Ungrateful too. When a guy is producing more goals and assists per minute than KDB and armchair managers want to sell him all you can do is face palm. Fortunately Wenger isn’t an idiot so he’ll be staying.


I’m fine with Theo leaving do a lot more to his attitude. The other team wanted it more…backing off a challenge, etc.

I think his goal tally can be replaced–playing with Ozil and Sanchez, you should get a lot of chances.

His “passenger” attitude is the issue.


I agree that the attitude is not good. Ducking out of tackles, mostly because he was fresh back from a bad injury probably, and then saying palace wanted it more…thats when I shut up about Theo. He’s a talented scorer and can put pressure on defenses because he’s so fast, but yeah you can replace his output with a better team oriented guy.


That’s my point with him–I think that his goal tally can be replicated by others, but it’s his attitude that I’m shocked by. It suggests a player that is happy with the status quo.

When he is into it, he can cause havoc and create opportunities for teammates, finish, pull defenders and be difficult for a defense. Problem is that we seem to see that Theo only a handful of times per season.

I’m fairly meh whether he stays or goes. If he does stay, it will be interesting to see what kind of game time he gets and where if Wenger sticks to the formation change.


Looks like it’s Man Utd.

Unless the same thing happens to them as the Ramsey transfer, when we nicked him :henry2:


Theo has been so fantastic that after 10 years he still hasn’t been able to establish himself as an undisputed starter.


What a signing for them


That’s funny, because using simplistic statistics to try and make Walcott sound better than de Bruyne sounds like the behaviour of a know nothing armchair manager.



So they are gonna announce it in an underwhelming way then?


I think they’re going to recreate this, but he emerges in an Everton shirt instead


Pointing out it he has a better end product than a player that’s touted to be one one the best in the prem is a valid position to hold even if it isn’t 100% water tight IMO


Of course that’s a long running stupid joke I use, however the prodiction is there and it’s nothing to sniff at.


I hope Rooney does well but I think he’ll get truley exposed playing at Everton’s level and under RK


Everton did well to spend the Lukaku money before they sold him, but I’m not sure Rooney is going to be the ideal replacement for him.

I could see a situation where Rooney doesn’t perform for a few games and then the Everton supporters getting fed up with him.
I would imagine there are a few of them that didn’t want him there after kissing the Man U badge so many times after declaring he was always a blue.

Koeman would have been better off buying a younger striker, but I suppose they strengthened other positions with the Lukaku money, rather than going all out for a striker which would have been too expensive.


Didn’t take Koeman for a mug but this is truly a mugging.

250K a week for a player so past his physical and technical best is just laughable, they would be much better off getting Sigurðsson.


Jesus is that what they are paying Rooney? I didn’t think Everton had the means to do that, although I do recognize them as a big club.

Like you say though just because they can doesn’t mean they should.


New billionaire owner so it’s not a stretch for them.

Wont be long until he’s benched if he does sign.


I hope Rooney gets his career back on track at Everton, I’ve always liked him even though he was at United


Even though everton have money now I wouldn’t be surprised if united are fronting some of Rooney’s wages still.