Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Nah, would rather aim for the stars with my current one


1 down… 2 to go? :giroud3:


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1 down… 2 to go?
[/quote]If all three of these happen, you are clearly the messiah of OA :gunnersaurus:


Mbappe and Lemar would be the best transfer window, even if Sanchez left.
I’m not sure how Mbappe and Lacazette would work together but I would pay money to see them try.


I like Elneny. Average player but that isn’t bad. He keeps it simple and does the basics well. There’s still some scope for him to improve. Important player in my eyes

I have alot more trust in him over the 38 game season than Ramsey tbh



We’d need a considerable jump in performance from him compared to last season and I’m not sure you can even expect that after coming back from yet another serious injury. If we renew him or go into the season with him in our plans it’s nothing but sentiment.


It’s not even if Sanchez left, if Sanchez stays where wouldn’t mbappe play?

If we want to sign mbappe this summer we have to sell Sanchez,


I’ve heard on the arsecast that Gibbs and Wilshere have decided to stay on for their final year and leave when their contract expire’s next summer


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Someone isn’t taking the risk. :joy:



I agree.
Wenger would need a massive signing like Mbappe if Sanchez left.
I don’t think most supporters would tolerate just Mahrez unless there was another quality player coming in as well.

Wenger has got himself into a very difficult position, that I’m not convinced he knows how to get out of.


He’s fine as a squad player but he should not be #1 option if everyone is fit especially in a 2.

The positive things mentioned about him again are uninspiring, he does the basics well and keeps things simple.

We should be aiming higher than that.


they’ve decided? Why is it their bloody choice? We’ve been so good to these players, supported Jack through his injuries, supported Gibbs through his crapness - yet they want to see the club they basically grew up in get nothing!


how did you go from talking about wether you’d prefer to keep Sanchez or sign mbappe to giving wenger stick?


If that’s their attitude then we should get whatever we can for them.
I’m not sure what the going rathe is for crocks like them, but I’m sure there are some mid table clubs that would take them.

I rate Wilshere and Gibbs as players but realistically we have had too many of these type of high earning players that have long term injuries regularly.


So Wilshere decided he wanted to spend his second final year at anyone but Arsenal but wants to spend his final year at Arsenal so that he can then leave Arsenal at the end of that year?

Sounds like poppycock to me.


Because if Sanchez goes and we don’t get a world class player to replace him, like Mbappe, Wenger is going to get some serious criticism.
I’ve seen enough of our transfer windows to know what to expect from Wenger.


No one is saying he should be undisputed starter though. But he’s a more reliable competent in a midfield 2 than Ramsey.

Why do his positive features have to be inspiring? He does a simple job and does it reasonably well, it doesn’t have to be specular.

I agree we should be aiming higher. Wilshere and Santi are effectively write offs at this point. Ramsey still has his flaws. I want another CM, we all do


Ideal midfield would be:

Xhaka New CM

Elneny Ramsey as backups.


Great signing for them!