Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


No different to all the ITKs etc and other rags.


Has it?


Can we get Senderos back as well? :xhaka: We need another CB :wink:




Seems we tried to sign Cédric Carrasso as a 3rd choice keeper but it broke down.

I accepted that offer. Everything was ok, but the deal was thrown off. There was a problem with the agents involved. The same thing for Arsenal. Arsène wanted to operate with 3 good goalkeepers. I was supposed to go there as 3rd choice. At the beginning, I said to myself: “3rd choice to do nothing, that is not being part of a squad, that is not interesting.” But then I told myself: “It is still Arsenal!” And then again there was a problem with agents.


So in stead of investing in a young keeper from which we could benefit for the next 10 years (like Manchester United, Bayern Munchen, Chelsea etc.) we went for a 35-year old :thinking:.


Can’t understand why we loaned out our 3rd keeper - he seemed like he might be good ??


Thats quite cool. He was prepared to risk his career, or at least put it all on hold simply because of who we are.

Uplifting words in these times of concern.


I won’t have anybody trying to convince me that my glass is half full thank you very much.

He probably just meant that he’s reliably heard you can get away with doing absolutely fuck all at Arsenal and still get paid top dollar.


Are you serious or sarcastic? Carrasso is a 35-year old GK from Bordeaux. Of course would he pick Arsenal.


Wasn’t aware of his age at all tbh. Thanks for letting me know


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Not making a thread because it’s not worth it lol imo.

Can mods please change title to 2018 or make a new thread thanks.

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Oblak would be total madness. Best goalie in the world by miles.


I’ll eat my own face if we pay £88m for a goalkeeper


will you stand by that if we do :henry2:


So we pay £50m more than Man City do for keepers. That doesn’t sound very fair on them.


Oblak would be a sensational purchase, we’ve wasted so much time on goalkeepers that it would be refreshing to just go out and buy a world class ready made talent.

Unfortunately we all thought we were getting that with Cech but that year on the bench at Chelsea ruined him, it’s time to move on and use Cech as a number two.


I rather persist with Cech and spend 80m to sort out the defence


I’ll supply the condiments and napkins.

I think you’ll be ok.
Talk is cheap and so is our transfer spending :grinning: