Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


PROFIT (like our club) that’s why!

And possible with this guy (maybe our owners too) a big FUCK YOU, that’s also why!


What the fuck is it with English clubs and piss poor ownership!? It really is bad isnt it.



Actually legit happening…



Should keep a close eye on him not the first talent they wasted (Coutinho and Kovacic).


Coutinho back in training



Apparently we’re looking into signing free agent Bacary Sagna


‘Guess who’s Bac?’

Will soon be on Writes itself really




We dont have a back up for Bellerin. Would not be surprised in the slightest if true.


Good option for LWB.


Cover for Monreal at CB more like.


Reckon he could do a job in central midfield


Competing with Bayern Munich never felt so good. :wenger2:


What? :thinking:


Being a moany old fuck. :smiley:

“We left 'ighbury to compete with Bayern Munich…blah blah”. :wink:


Oh yeah! Fucking baguette :xhaka:


Star reporting we will go back for Lemar in Jan ? Funny how the Jan window for next season has been voted out - this last Jan window could yet see us turn things around - last chance saloon !!


Daily Star. Enough said :xhaka: