Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


We can probably guess how this investigation will go…


A bit like saying you want to investigate a porn company for prostitution.


LOL what are they gonna do even if found guilty…fine them :xhaka:

Even if they get a transfer ban they could last for a few years with that squad in that 2 team shit league without it causing any disturbance.


What are PSG going to say?

PSG: "Oh, we thought you said we couldn’t spend more than 300m but it was in fact 30m.
Could we give everyone at UEFA a million each for the inconvenience and administration costs, and we promise we won’t do it again until the next transfer window."
We will of course pay cash, in used notes.

UEFA: That will do nicely.


If you investigated a porn company for prostitution there’s no chance you’d manage to prosecute them for it.

Oh wait, that makes it a perfectly apt comparison.


What was the point of leaving Highbury again ? Seriously this ownership/ board & manager are just taking the piss. Don’t ask me what’s that’s all about, I was trying to upload a net spend of the summer table that had us 19th above Swansea :dizzy_face:




God, If Giroud came to my bedroom, he could persuade me to do bloody anything!


Just like Lemar I’d say no :grinning:


Banned out the champions league would be their punishment since that’s what UEFA said would happen original


Ehm…don’t be morbid :xhaka:


Perhaps they convinced Lemar to stay clear of us and stay where he is. :wink:


Haha dunno what happened there but I fixed it. No sign of whatever it was you were uploading though. :slight_smile:


This is a great video. Well worth the 9 minutes it’s on for



That statement West Ham released did read like a load of bollocks tbh


The ownership at West Ham is embarrassing.


West Ham and Newcastle have owners that are no more than spivs.
Both are well supported clubs that are run by people who make Kroenke look slightly respectable.


Yeah I really don’t like Mike Ashley. Nightmare owner, destroying a great English club.


He is a real scumbag