Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Only just found out Mahrez didn’t get a move. Poor bugger :joy:


Still 36 hours left of the Spanish deadline. So Mahrez and Coutinho can still move.


Yeah, we are gonna replace Sanchez with a fringe serb in january :hipster:. The money are for him.


Even Ozil now? :xhaka:


Pretty sure if you go back to July, you’ll see plenty saying that Kolasinac, Lacazette and keeping Sanchez and Özil would be a good summer


Most people would have said that’s an average summer. Still no midfielder, and could have done with another winger for it to have been a good summer.

As it is, we are 2 short again, as per.


Keeping Ozil & Sanchez is also a little different to extending Ozil & Sanchez.


We we’d have had a better summer if we’d sold them?


Absolutely, yes. This is by far the most shambolic summer I can remember as an Arsenal fan. This is the summer where we’ve gone from “pretty incompetent, rather shit” in the market to “downright incoherent, an absolute shambles”.


A lot of people would have bitten your hand off at the end of last season if you told them we would be going into this season with a new striker and still have alexis and ozil

Personally I’d like us to have sold sanchez I’m just making the point that on paper a lot of people unhappy now would have taken what we have now at the start of the window


Managing to keep hold of them on paper looks good. We added a CF & LB on top of that.
So in a way we have a better squad than last season.
We also got rid of quite a few deadwoods.

But we needed a winger & central midfielder as well.

However, My biggest concern is the absence of morale & squad cohesion.
Due to mishandling of the window, we have several players with questionable attitude towards the season.

Chambers was told that he can leave but then was asked to stay because Mustafi was leaving.
Mustafi thought he was leaving, but somehow stayed.
Now we have a wantaway CB and a CB who would feel he is not needed & only stayed because of circumstances.
Chambers will have no clarity of where he stands in this squad.
We are injuries(likely) to Per & Koscielny away from an awkward pairing of Holding Mustafi & Chambers.

We have no backup wingback to Bellerin, who himself is not comfortable with the position.

Sanchez will give his best but is just few bad games away from getting into fist fight with his average teammates.
Ozil is a confidence player. He will look elegant but every game his drive is gonna reduce.

It is not a complete disaster and Wenger can get them to band together; but it will be a very fragile squad.

A fragile squad in center of field, surrounded by Arsenal fans and just one loss. I am not looking forward to that.


Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla, Ramsey, Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Wilshere, Cech all out of contract or enter the last year next summer. It makes perfect sense to hold money back as right now we have no idea who will resign, how much contract extensions will be and how much rebuilding we need to do.

I’m just annoyed we didn’t sell Sanchez and now have to face all this without that 60m.

The task at hand is huge and we are utterly fucked tbh.


Should have sold him regardless of a replacement and written this season off as it’ll be utter shite anyway.

You’re right though, we’re supremely fucked going forward.


The sale of Ox means we need to go back to a back 4 (imo at least).

Going back to a back 4 means our midfield pairing is unreliable, our 4th attacker is lacking (Welbz/Wallz will probably get the nod on at RW) and the same as last season we need a goalkeeper to take over from Cech (I thought Ospina would be replaced with this person).

So the business we did was not bad and we’re not weaker in the short term but it’s left us yet again 2-3 players short so wasn’t enough and doesn’t have any real eye on the future.


Yup, that last bit is key.

As many predicted, Wenger wouldn’t do enough to make us competitive in the short term but neither would he do anything to rebuild or stave off the disaster coming next summer.

There were two reasonable and defensible strategies possible, each requiring decisiveness and commitment, and he dithered and dawdled and chose neither.


No excuses next summer about running out of money/wage bill increases. We had the money for a 92m transfer AND the wage and with 280k a week probably coming off for Alexis and Oezil… I’m expecting big things.

Which naturally will be dashed by Coach Clouseau and the board. Another season to write off. :expressionless:


I can’t wait


I can wait.


fucking misery guts :henry2:


I hope Arsene never spends another penny.