Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Hope he flops for that


Sanchez and Ozil are off at the end of the season and we won’t get any money for them.
We need a replacement for Cazorla and we probably won’t get any money for him.
We still need a top quality winger and a replacement for Chamberlain.

Wenger’s going to be a busy little bee in the transfer market at the end of this season.

His excuse book is going to need a few new pages.

How are we going to replace all those players with a manager who looks at transfers as an occupational hazard.

He has really messed up this club and should apologise, but what is he doing?
Being a pundit, because he obviously can’t get by on the 8m a season we pay him.


@shamrockgooner so the story about Sanchez is that Gazidis agreed to sell him not Arsene. See what I’m saying about Arsene being forced to sell and buy players?


Wait so is Alexis gone then? Because if the point you were trying to make were actually a point that would be the case right?



Damn I’m actually well proud of that!!


I see that you read a story about it. I don’t believe such a story


I bet you believe Lemar turned is down in favor of Liverpool though dontcha!!


No, that sounds like bullshit because Pool weren’t in for him yesterday. I think it much more likely he turned us down because he could see we’re in a jock.

Edit: where did you even read that?


Replace Matic with Drinkwater and buy Zappacosta. Odd summer for Chelsea. Don’t think Conte is gonna be too happy.


Yann Karamoh (another young French forward) moved to Internazionale. Very curious how he’s going to develop.


I think they’ve done alright! Got Morrata too, Rundiger, Bakayonko.


Lengooner is that you?

Bakayonko :joy:


Why are we keeping money for future transfer windows? We needed to spend now to address the pressing issues in our squad.

What a frankly embarrassing summer it’s been.


Agreed, but all that is quite frankly bollocks anyway.

Ornstein is just towing the company line.


Guys we’re saving the money so that our new manager in two years time (or longer) can benefit from it. Obviously


Ornstein really should be taken with a pinch of salt.


If the club is so fucking worried about making money why don’t they take that warchest they refuse to spend and invest it into some nice hedged derivatives bets.


It is a meaningless statement if u think about it. In theory, we have been doing this for several windows in a row. We have cash reserves way above our needs and positive and growing cash flow… so we have a light summer netspend-wise and the pile remains intact or grows.

You can only tell if the money was effectively “saved up” for next couple of windows after the fact. Looking back, hard to have a lot of confidence in that.