Summer 2018 Transfers Thread





I wish they would sign me so they can say they signed someone


@Oliver So? Your thoughts on the transfer window?


Hahahaha worst run club in world sport when it comes to contracts/ transfer dealings :joy:


@PPB Why wouldn’t it hold?


There’s nothing to say we’re done. There’s a whole 31 days of window left this season.


I would’ve took Ozil, Alexis staying and a proven goalscorer like Laca at the start of the window but could’ve done more, 6/10 window


So Barca came in for Ozil?


Freedom of movement, freedom of work, etc

Maybe there would be some kind of payment involved but otherwise they’d have a hard time really restricting him from joining a rival, especially since it’s 4 years in the past.


That rumour does the rounds on twitter indeed. For 60 million pounds. Spanish market is still open until tomorrow.


Well now it’s over you can safely say it was pretty average.


Was great on fm as well :grin:


Sign someone


Lol! He probably knew he would have failed there.





Bollocks. I’m glad that’s over.


Glad that’s over now gets go out and try not take any 5-2 pastings this year! Woooooooo!


… or any more 4-0 capitulations.


A striker with the number 2 shirt? :gabriel: This is the biggest injustice of the transfer window. Shouldn’t be allowed!