Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Watch out for this guy, Croatias best young talent.


Theres one factor thats different though, because the TV money is crazy now. 10 years ago when we were in this position with the new stadium the TV deals didn’t bring nearly as much in.


Everton are gonna have a better season than us.


Lemar’s post match sounded promising.

Lemar and Rabiot would be superb.


What did he say? Is he coming?


Yup and people on the old OA took those arguments and ran with em. Now we all here looking stupid as this club is being run into the ground.


I think he is trolling us :slight_smile:




Lol, Adobe trolling Arsenal, who hasn’t done it until now.


In a word, no :pig:


Building a stadium in the current footballing economy is cheaper than it was a decade ago. Football prices have gone up more than land/stadium prices, even in London. By all accounts we were struggling to pay players back then.


@rednwhitearmy, good trolling :wink:


If the day couldnt get any worse, f***in Tinder’s crashed


Ross Barkley to not Everton has got to be the worst transfer saga ever. This has been brewing for a good year or so and it’s fucking shit.


WTF we have no money .





Lemar looked good for france his 1st goal was really good, to think we could have got him at the beginning of the window :frowning:


Breaking news: Lemar is good.

Didn’t see that coming.


shouldda sold sanchez earlier on and got it done all that is gonna happen is sanchez being a dick and upsetting the dressing room more than he has been before gonna be more bust ups morale lower than a snakes belly…what a fucking shithouse this club has become!