Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Lol it was us or West Ham, nobody else wanted him (bar athletico but they are hit and miss with their forward signings)…cause he’s not very good. I know you will all disagree with me, but if he’s any good at all answer me this question. How did he end up at Arsenal?


Another wasted Summer by the club, but this one feels possibly the worst it’s ever been. So many fleeing the sinking ship. If we have kept Alexis, it’s a minor miracle but ultimately it’s pretty futile with a disenchanted player who wants to be elsewhere, and no money to be made from the transfer going forwards.

I’m not sure why anyone got their hopes up over the Summer that we’d do enough. We never do. That’s why I tend to stay away from transfer chatter as a lot of the time it ends up a disappointment and complete bullshit, but now it’s worse than ever seeing targets we would’ve got other seasons, not wanting to come here and go elsewhere.

Man, this is a pretty damning time and state right now at the club. Unfortunately the worst signing we made was giving Arsene another two years, happy days :facepalm:


Tbf it looks rather grim on the future past this season as we’re heading in the direction of losing our 2 best players on a free. Can’t really blame anyone that thinks that they’d be joining a sinking ship and that waiting another year for better offers is the better option.


Take out Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette (possibly) and the rest of the squad looks about on a par with plenty of mid table clubs’ squads

we are going to struggle to get 6th place this season and if the dressing room really spits the dummy it could be a lot worse

I’m really fearing a terrible season where every team we play comes out firing, knowing we are dispirited, and the LFC thrashing could be the first of many drubbings


Or we should have done this 6 weeks ago and not on the absolute last moment as a desperation move. I understand if that doesn’t give the player in question the most incentive to move. It’s way too easy to blame this on not having Champions League. What’s your source anyway, the tweet says nothing about that?


It’s being widely reported. It might not be the only reason but it’s certainly an issue for some players. They want to play on the biggest stage and not for a club going backwards.


After two horrific seasons, my expectations about this transfer window were high because I trusted in Wenger and the CEO who promised a policy of massive change to rebuild the confidence inside and outside the club, making Arsenal a serious title contender. The result of what Arsenal did in the recent transfer window are under the lights and can be seen by everyone:

  • Started well with two very good players (not used properly until now).

  • No organization, no plan B. Arsenal failed to sell Ospina and sent Martinez on loan, refused to sell Chambers and opted to sell Gabriel, sold Gibbs for 7M after refusing a better offer few weeks ago, sent Jenkinson on loan again, Lucas Perez sent on loan for modest fee as well as Joel Campbell, no words for Debuchy.

  • Any new contract signed. Next summer Arsenal risk to lose for free two important players and now are forced to keep one of them (Alexis Sànchez) despite he is unhappy.

  • The club haven’t signed an Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain replacement after failing to convince the player to stay and sign a 180k p/w extension. Why Arsenal haven’t signed a replacement if they tried to keep him because was important for the club? This is why I don’t trust in the club\recent news about a difficult financial situation because of the high wage bill. If Arsenal offered 180k to AOC is because they can sustain this wage.

  • Arsène Wenger doesn’t trust in Mustafi. Bought him last year for £35m, talked to Inter Milan and Juventus to sell him (deal collapsed), offered him to WBA as part of Jonny Evans deal but now he will keep the german no signing any CB with the qualities who he prefers.

The results of the bad work is to have a squad with the confidence killed by recent results and the enviroment around the club, a fan base on fire because of the results and the transfer window, a dameged reputation inside and outside the UK, the rivals for the CL places who have improved their teams and the prospective to live a worst season like last two years.

Arsenal Vs Doncaster Rovers (Carabao Cup 3rd Round)

There were many reports of us agreeing terms with Lemar earlier this summer. More generally, tons of top players - Pogba, Ibra, Kante, David Luis just last summer - move to clubs in the Europa League.

The much more important thing is selling a player on the project - the team a manager is building, how the player fits, and its prospects moving forward. I don’t blame Lemar for not believing in Wenger’s project, since nobody else does either, including his own players.


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And there we have it, there’s more to it than simply the CL because players can and have done without it at least initially. Wenger is lucky statements don’t get released in this situation as I’m sure Lemar’s assessment would be quite damning.

How on earth does Arsenal look like a good proposition to anyone right now? Best players half way out the door, manager who is the definition of inept and a board that enables him.

Be prepared for “thanks but no thanks” when it comes to signing top players for the foreseeable future.


I’m sorry, but I’m finding this way too convenient as an excuse. We put in a (major) bid on the very last day and we still need to negotiate (with representatives of) the player, whilst he has too play for his country. It seems too me very poor planning is the reason why this hasn’t worked out.


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We had Khedira in the bag in 2014 FFS! Would have been so great for us, exactly the midfielder we need :sanchez2:


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You know what the most embarrassing thing is… Chelsea won the league last season and strengthened with Bakayoko, Morata, Rudiger, Zappacosta and reportedly the club Mahrez intends to sign for.

All the while the club that finished 5th are basically the same team except we have a LB who we’re playing at CB and a striker we won’t start in big games because he’s not adapted although it might be because his hunger index isn’t high enough because he hasn’t got 12 months left on his contract.


I’m more embarrassed by Totnum. That’s a club that we used to rip the absolute piss out of. They finished way above us last season and have now strengthened with Sanchez, Aurier and Gomez.



Whatever happened to the stadium hindering their activity eh?

Just goes to show the absolute pile of piss we’ve been sold over the last 15 years about stadium debts, financial restrictions and all that crap. The money has always been there to spend we just chose to go about things in a way that has left us uncompetitive and seemingly miles away from our previous rivals.


I think they do have positive net spend of 3/4 million though :wink:. Walker for 50, Wimmer for 18 as outgoings and Sanchez and Aurier for ~65 million incoming.