Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Problem when you get a team that’s backed by a country. All due to the 2022 world cup aswell :neutral_face:


Meh, CL football is overrated as a selling point. If the club is sound enough, run well enough players are fine.

Whatever dumpster fire Arsenal football club is these days is not a place any player who values their careers needs to be considering.


Furious. Fucking retarded club this. Tired of incompetence.


kill me now


We got him


Well… 15 minutes left. It went down exactly as expected and I still feel like punching a kitten.


Not necessarily so. Manchester United signed top players whilst outside the Champions League. If you splash the cash and show the right intent then you can do it. Sadly for us we look like a sinking ship with all the best rats fleeing.


They are a much bigger club than we are and you always knew they’d make it back eventually. It’s hard to look at our club at the moment and truly believe that we’ll definitely be back in the CL next year.



But he was fine with that earlier on in the window? Lol. He doesn’t want to play for this Europa League club and I can’t blame him.

Bet if AC Milan came for him he’d be up for it. Because they look like they are run well and are on the up.

In any case, Arsenal as a club is a terrible option until Wenger goes, he has proper stunk things up by staying this long, that it will proper hurt no matter what happens after, unless we get Pep or somebody available.


CL might be a factor, but at the moment it s the least of out problems, look at the players united signed while not playing CL football, we are a mess at the moment, its no wonder we are not so desirable and players prefer the likes of Liverpool rather then us.

Young French player from Monaco rejects Arsenal, thats sums Arsenal in 2017 :confused:




went down exactly as expected. Wenger has well and truly fucked us here. He put us on the map in Europe and is now on his way to taking us out of it… I fully expect the team to get flogged out of the EL. Truly feels like the club is crumbling.

I cant even feel bad anymore just blase’


Anyone for a joint suicide pact?


I think the EL thing is BS tbh. We’ve chased this guy all summer, if he wasn’t interested in coming any kind of deal would not have gotten to this stage. I think he’s pissed off at us because we messed about with low ball bids all summer in negotiating with Monaco


Lacazzette will the last big name we sign for a while. The cats well and truly out the bag with how much of a bloody circus we are


I think the Twatter ITK fucks decided to put words into his mouth.


what a load of crap! 20 years in the CL, one year at the EL and now we’re suddenly a EL CLUB? FFS!!!


This is how I feel about anyone trying to be positive about Arsenal right now.


Sure…you go first…