Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


92m for Lemar with 60m (or whatever City’s final bid would be) in the bank from Sanchez makes a lot more sense than losing Sanchez for free and paying 60m for Lemar (or similar) next year.

We’d also get to spend a whole season in the top 5 transfers of all time :giroud2:


Getting Lemar makes fuck all of a difference, he will be desparate to leave in 2 years tops anyway if he makes the mistake to sign for us in the first place. Our whole squad is the projection of a deluded man who has no idea what he is doing.


We’re a joke. Sanchez will cause problems this season, doesn’t want to be here and will walk in the summer along with any ambition we have left.


Clouseau’s in Paris. Just get on the phone and say “Draxler for Alexis…Swapsies?” and be done with it. :yawn:


Sounds like Lemar really did reject us. He wants Champions League football. Throwback to when Arsenal fans said they’re glad we’re in the Europa League as it’s “different”. Yep, it’s different alright, no decent player wants to come here anymore!


Ouch, that strings a bit.


Offered less for him than we got for 1 year contract Chamberlain. #WeAreTheBanterClub


Spot on :joy: we’re not Manchester United.


Other teams have managed it… does feel a bit like we are radioactive atm.


Because we are. The media has convinced everyone that our season is irredeemable. To be fair, it probably is.


Can’t argue with that… we are heading for 6th… Spurs, City, Chelsea, Pool, and ManU will be way above us… lucky for us, the rest of the league is pretty meh.


A depressing day as expected

MDC anyone? LOL


Remember when we took CL football for granted and wanted Wenger out and people like Gary Neville said “be careful what you wish for”… Yeah. :mustafi:

Gary Neville, Clichy, Rio, Liam Brady all said that. I don’t think anyone wished for Wenger staying + Europa League + Being the joke club of Europe.


Fuck off PSG


Holy shit.


That massively hurts our chances of turning things around next summer. I’d love to know what pipe dream we sold Lacazette


Awful cunts. A nuclear bomb on football.


if the dressing room really decides they dont want to try for Wenger any more then 6th could be way out of reach

Leicester were facing relegation because the players simply did not put in a shift at all until after Claudio was replaced

Remains to be seen whether the players still interested or whether indeed they do a LCFC / Ranieri job on Wenger


PSG gonna be great on FIFA this year. :sunglasses:

What a signing!!!


hope he flops at PSG, nothing against him though