Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


It needs some Phil Collins gently playing while people read it.


I don’t like koreans :hipster:


dude thats racist :campbell: :cech:


Incredible from Barca :joy::joy::joy:


WTF has pep got to do with any of it, he aint at barca anymore. If he genuinely is doing that he is an utter bastard considering he isnt there anymore and is in the EPL and is trying to weaken a team in it, surely he can get done for this right?


Come on now…


Lol! Using another manager to get a player :arteta:



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Do words for @FB_Whispers. Views are mine, not theirs.

What in blue blazes is “FB_Whispers”? I’mma go with #FakeNews


That just can’t be true.

Edit: I should read all responses before posting :slight_smile:


Paulinho to Barca done for €40m, what a club.


Coutinho wont be going anywhere. Pool are hard bastards to buy from. He will stay, put in some top notch performances, and this will blow over by end of September.


But but but, Klopp once said this…


Cheers Barca :joy:


Looks like Liverpool have caved in.


I agree with him.


Yeah me too. Can be too disruptive to the team sometimes. But he obviously isn’t sticking by his word if he won’t let Coutinho go.


I’m still quite hopefull we will get him and/or Lemar :crossed_fingers:


If true, Spurs kept this quiet


Good signing?


Can’t be worse than what they have