Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


I guess this “back problem” has more meaning now. Back problem as in “he’s not coming back”.


Could be legit then.

Saying that, surely Countinho realises the club can’t sell him after that statement this morning. He’s putting himself in a very risky situation.


Lol. He’s so gonna leave. Great stuff


I’m confident he would strengthen them. I just think they wouldn’t be worse of if they poach, for example. Ozil or Eriksen if they don’t pull this transfer off.


If Pool manage to keep him, you have to admit they are bastards when it comes to selling and really stand their ground. He is a fantastic player imho and given all the crazy money thrown around for younger players, he is still only 25. I don’t rate Eriksen as high as this lad, but he is also a tidy player and having either one of them weaken a rival by leaving would be great :wenger:


Times confirmation. Sky got it right maybe a difference in semantics over asking to leave and transfer request

He changed his stance


It’s quite amusing when it’s not your player :slight_smile:




Neymar forced the move, Dembele is forcing the transfer, Coutinho did the same, Mahrez is doing the same since May, Van Dijk is doing the same since June, Bernardeschi did the same before to join Juventus, Barkley is trying to force his transfer from Everton to another club, Diego Costa forced the transfer in January.

Do you know who is the only club who have showed power and kept quite his player who was ready to do the same? :eyes:


Hopefully it isn’t contagious :ozil2:

… although I think a lot of that has to do with the fact he is on his last year of contract, so basically he can’t lose no matter how this resolves itself.


It’s a shame for Barkley that he has no club to actually force a transfer to :joy:


Liverpool will look incredibly weak if they sell him, I’d expect him to stay.

It’s the summer where clubs are finally learning to say “no”. Hopefully anyway, when your contract is as long as Coutinho you should respect it


Coutinho hasn’t moved yet, Dembele hasnt moved yet, Mahrez hasn’t moved yet, van Dijk hasn’t moved yet, Barkley hasn’t moved yet and Costa hasn’t moved yet.
Some of them will, some won’t.

What the fuck are you lauding us for?


Probably something to do with Alexis not having a good enough grasp of the English language to write a “little boy inside me” statement.



Also, Sanchez is in a different situation to the others. Coutinho has a contract with Liverpool until 2022. Van Dijk is also contracted to Southampton until 2022. Dembele has a contract until 2021 and Mahrez until 2020.

Sanchez knows he doesn’t need to push for a move because he’ll have his pick of almost any club come May. I’d rather be in the situation of the other clubs to be honest, who managed to tie their best players to long contracts.


Levy couldn’t wait for such a big club to come in for one of his stars :mustafi:


Have we been linked with someone today?


Yes, Foo-kin No-wan


“Ever since they were suckling on the teats of their mother-bitch, learning to chase their tails and eat rabbit poo, Atom y Humber have dreamed of being owned by a footballer playing for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola. As i have been entrusted with their guardianship and doing what’s best for them, the opportunity to leave Arsenal is an extremely hard one but one I must make for the good of Atom y Humber. Playing for Arsenal has been an honour. I will never experience anything like it again and have been overwhelmed by the amazing fans this club has. #COYG!!”

He’s had it written for 3 months on his iPhone notes app, ready to be screenshotted and uploaded to Twitter and IG.


Ahh yeah just another cut price shirt sheller meant to help us penetrate the far eastern market.