Summer 2018 Transfers Thread



Yep as expected really! Klopp has took a really firm stance on this transfer, no way would FSG want to upset him.


it’s all well and good saying this now but within a year he will be gone anyway. Suarez all over again.


Sucks for Coutinho as this will possibly be his only chance to make that really huge step to a club like Barcelona, but on the other hand it’s good for the PL, so nothing to complain there.


He’s 25 lol.


Yeah. But in a year time or so they might find a player who is equally as good for less money or better. Coutinho isn’t that great.


I know he’s still relatively young, but there will only be so many chances for him to move to Barcelona, especially so given the price tag that will be on his head. At some point they’ll rather move on and pursue someone else instead of waiting for Coutinho to become available.


I for one think Coutinho is absolute quality and if he played for us we’d be hoping it was us turning down that £100m.




A better player than Coutinho too.


If he had a 5 years contract at Arsenal I’d be hoping so too. I’m not doubting his quality, just saying that an opening like Neymar leaving isn’t going to happen every year.



Oh my :joy: edit: beaten to it!


That’s pretty funny.

Liverpool: “Coutinho is staying”

Coutinho: “Wanna bet!”



Most of what is said about him these days is an out of date narrative, he made the leap last season IMO. I remember even including him in my top 20 footballers list which would probably look a lot different If I done it today but the point is Coutinho stepped up last season.



Can’t blame him for handing it in. Now is the time for him to take the step up, can’t waste his career fighting for the top four

Silly season is superb :laughing:


Hahah love it.


several Liverpool based sources saying there’s been no transfer request. I actually don’t know who to believe. How would they have access to that kinda information in such a short space of time?

Then again I wouldn’t put it past sky to spout BS but with Breaking news like that they’re quite thorough


Tbh sources like the Liverpool Echo are probably much closer to the club than any sky sources.

This actually gets better :joy: