Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Last place you want to be looking for morality is the game of football in this age.


Good lord no, not him.


Wouldn’t like to see your Ox=> Draxler nonsense showed up, I guess?


As if Dortmund would have allowed him a release clause.

Also the very second barcelona came in with a 100m plus offer it was decided on both sides anyway and all talk of sanctions is just for the media. Neither dortmund nor the player were going to say no.

Unprofessional maybe, but the head is long gone and no talk is going to convince him to stay.


Shame he’s leaving after only one season. He was brilliant to watch… I’d wish him the best of luck but… fuck him.


It’s okay, you can just become a Barça bitch now. :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:


BVB 4 lyf so fuck you bad hombre.


Oh please! When he finds a good end product he is gonna be great.


Who is this Sancho guy I keep hearing about? And why would he sign for us and not some other bigger team?


Him and Nelson are meant to be bffs.



Is he seriously that good, i have never seen him. A better talent than Nelson?



Wenger should have stopped at Iwobi & Ozil.
Wilshere :joy:




If this is even remotely true spurs are in a huge amount of trouble. Their stadium is nearly £1bn and they cannot afford to lose their best players to being paid too low but each level they drop down in the EPl means less revenue and if they dont get into the CL things could unravel very quickly.


Great stuff. :grin:


Aww diddums…


With their pay structure, it was only a matter of time before the cracks started to appear.


Fucking LOL. Glad I was able to witness the start of the implosion


Building a new stadium.
Can’t compete financially.
Players wanting more money and/or to leave.

They’re basically us circa 2004! They might have finished above us but they’re still in our shadow!