Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


ITKs fight!



Very unprofessional behavior. What a cunt.


Yup, unfortunately I think this is the situation. We’ll try to sell players over the next couple weeks and we’ll wait and see what happens once the dust settles. No value in the market, only looking for top quality, yadda yadda yadda…then maybe we end up with the equivalent of Welbeck or Lucas on deadline day.


Sadly this. Arsenal needs a fresh approach on transfers–not just the chronically low bids for players, but someone that can shift out the ones that are surplus. I am jealous of how the Chavs always manage to get top dollar for players that are no longer needed.

I’ll also never understand why Wenger has gone into the last several seasons without addressing holes, despite having the resources to do so.


Mbappe has apparently signed for PSG for about £180m according to Marca and Sport :open_mouth:

Who needs ffp when you’re government backed :joy:


Almost 500 mil on 2 players :grimacing:


Dembele isn’t even that good. They should sell him to Barca i especially since he’s such a dick.


He’s got more talent in his pinky than Walcott AKA Peter Pan.


Eh, he’s got Barça after him, I think it’s understandable, especially given that he will have signed with Dortmund with the understanding that he would move on to a bigger club (and make Dortmund bucketloads of money in the process).

Don’t see it really as unprofessional, just a footballer doing what he needs to do to get a move he should get. It’s not like he’s been at Dortmund a long time or potentially “owes” them the way Coutinho does for taking a chance on him when his stock was low and helping him become the player he is now or RvP would to us for sticking with him through his injuries.

Re: Mbappé surely PSG will have to sell some wingers/attackers? It’s literally ridiculous at this point (keep thinking about @Maxi_Gooner saying that they were trying to collect all the attackers in the world :joy: ), Neymar, Mbappe, Di María, Lo Celso, Draxler, Pastore, Guedes…surely there is no future for Guedes or Lo Celso there with that kind of panorama, how can they possibly get minutes to develop?


There are other ways to explore before to be unprofessional like Ousmane did today.

Unfortunately I was suprised about the news but not about the fact because we know what a player tries to do when there are chances to leave and sign a better contract.

However, Dembele to Barça will start the domino effect on the transfer market. I don’t think BVB have the intention to replace the frenchman with Sancho.


Draxler only arrived last winter so it may be hard to get him. But you have to figure that Wenger is sniffing around given his longtime interest in the player. He will be at best fifth on the depth chart for the three forward places in the 4-3-3 that Emery preferred last year, with Neymar and Mbappe automatic selections and both Cavani and Di Maria (and perhaps Lucas Moura) clearly ahead of him as well.


I don’t think Mbappe will leave Monaco for PSG. For what? He just won the Ligue 1 and despite Neymar the chance to win the Champions Ligue with le parisien aren’t comparable with Real Madrid.

A good move for him should be wait another year or force his move to Real Madrid this summer.


Yeah, I don’t see it either.

PSG are done with Neymar, Mbappe will join Real whether it’s this season or next.


Ah, Lucas Moura, knew I was forgetting at least one, lol. I would be down for any of Di María, Draxler, Lo Celso, or Guedes…I’d even take two. Pointless statement, that, though, because as you say I can’t really even see us getting one…is Wenger even still interested in Draxler? I would’ve thought he would’ve made a harder push last winter if he were.

@Maxi_Gooner he’s Parisien, according to MARCA he made the choice of PSG, that that’s where he wants to play, not Madrid. I dunno why but considering how specific they were with the details (when the contract was agreed, etc.) and not citing any other sources (ie, from their own), and the fact that it’s a negative article for Madrid (any pro-Madrid article from MARCA is immediately in doubt, but when it’s on the other end…), makes me believe it could be true.


of course it unprofessional behaviour. If he intended to use Dortmund as a stepping stone he should have insisted on a release clause in his contract.

It’s stupid to throw tantrums on the basis of an ‘understanding’. He signed the contract and should act professional in honouring it


So far none of the reputable French outlets are reporting it.

RMC the top French source.

This is interesting, no idea why PSG would entertain the sale of Meunier when Aurier is for sure on the way out.

General consensus is Oblak is a top 3 or 5 GK at least and Trapp has been a bit of a flop so their interest there wouldn’t be surprising.


That’s a very idealistic way of understanding how the business works, fact is. There are explicit norms and there are implicit norms.

edit: pfft, that’s what I get for believing MARCA, lol. They just probably ate up info from some shit source as usual.


Where does this Mbappe to PSG rumour keep coming from?! It was denied yesterday and now denied again today