Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Based on what exactly?


Get em Robin!!!


If you can’t beat them join them as the saying goes :hugs:


Ideal situation here is that Barcelona do indeed get Coutinho, then Liverpool use some of that money to buy Oxlade-Chamberlain. We then put that money towards getting an actual decent CM. The domino effect.


Unless they offer crazy money I’m not sure we should get rid of Chamberlain. I think he’s a very solid squad option in one of those outside midfielder positions. I think we can afford to pay up to 50 million for a CM without selling players anyway.


You know it was a pisstake, seeing how Theo has been hailed as a WC player these days :hipster:


Ox wouldn’t be my first choice of players to sell, but of our fringe players he is one of our more valuable assets who we could get a decent amount for. We need to trim our squad and Ox hasn’t really got a position nailed down. I don’t believe he’ll be missed if he goes. Besides, he only has one year left on his contract, better to cash in than lose yet another player on a free.


Have we heard about an extension? Seems like he is perhaps waiting… anyone know what is going on there?


Surely he would have been offered a new contract? Maybe he rejected it. There was a story a while back that he wanted more games at CM. But I just don’t think that’ll happen. Even in pre-season Wenger gave Nelson minutes there, but not Ox.


Still don’t buy those Coutinho rumours, it’s not gonna happen.


He might just be doing the same as Alexis and Özil and stale on the contract talks, knowing that they have all the power they need to delay the decision until far into the season to get hugely improved terms. A transfer window of losing all 3 of them in the same summer is a major PR disaster for the club that they’ll try to prevent as good as possible, even if it costs a premium on a new contract.


I don’t trust Arsenal to get anything back that is better with freed up funds. I’d rather keep the player and let him run his contract down.

We can trim down by getting rid of other players (Gabriel, Elneny, WIlshere, Jenkinson, Debuchy).



Do we really need the funds in order to sign a quality CM ? Surely we can spend another 40-50 million quid without having to raise funds ?


I think it’s the wages off the books we need more than the funds.


I was dreaming of how many fantasy league points Mandzukic was going to get me after hearing on the radio that Southampton were overjoyed to get Mario from Juventus and he’d played in the CL final.

The fuck is this shit.


big difference between a fringe player and a utility player. Ox should be the last player on our list of potential exits. Unless there’s another player we get that can play all these positions, be homegrown and also have some top class bants on youtube.


This guy might be a good cheapie for fantasy football


Basically the Brazilised version of Richard? :smile:

Caluminho :sunglasses:


How reliable is Telefoot? It says that he’s chosen to play for PSG next season.