Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Sell chambers and Gabriel and sign this guy? Is he actually worth the fee being quoted for him, surely there are better value CBs out their?


I’d sell Mustafi and Gab with zero hesitation to fund VVD


Yup… This could be Rotterdam or anywhere…


Mustafi? I’m not really sure if he’s a success, flop or in the middle but I wouldn’t sell him, rest of our CB’s are either not ready or close to expiration.


Mustafi? :cech:


Mustafi :joy:

I would like to have him in the squad but I suspect Chelsea will break the bank after the fail against us.


I was more suggesting to sell those 2 to make space in the squad, I wouldn’t want to sell mustafi myself


I like Mustafi, he’s slightly suspect with actual defensive work imo but he’s very dynamic modern CB but he’s our most valuable defensive asset at this point and i’d sell if it meant VVD. If you’re looking at things ability wise he isn’t unsellable

Holding or Chambers should be ready by the time Kos’ performances start to drop


I think VVD’s only destination will be Liverpool.



Not a bad option for him if Liverpool and Rome are off the table


Sooo, once again we’re heading into the first game of the season with holes in our squad. So, what will it be? Late summer transfer window panic buys? Or a November crash, January upswing followed by injuries to 2 or 3 key players in Feb?


Should we not be more worried about holes in he starting 11 as opposed to the squad for he first games? I’m pretty sure ozil and Ramsey will be ready for Friday, Kos being suspended is a pain in the arse, is mustafi not going to be ready for Friday?

As far as I can see the only business we need to do is sell wilshire and sign Seri and then hopefully get Lemar as well

What parts of our squad do you think have holes?


I don’t get it? :grimacing:


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I don’t get it?
[/quote]This classic tune from the 90s, young Cal :wink:


There has been a Santi sized hole in our squad for 6 months. Really someone to play beside Xhaka… unless you think Ramsey is going to make it a full season and/or Santi will come back indestructible. We still need a right side forward, but I’m sure Wenger will persist with Theo… less than ideal IMO.



Let’s give Newcastle a but one get one free for Gibbs and Perez.


It’s never gonna happen but if that’s the case we should offer Southampton 50mil + Calum Chambers for VVD. Two birds one stone.


But I mean it’s not like last season where we actually went into the first game of the season with no defence,

I’m pretty hopefull we will address cover for Santi if we can shift wilshire but if we can’t we will have to stick with him for one more year and hope he comes good, either that or give him a free transfer or terminate his contract no?

I did read Santi saying he is hopefull he is done with surgurys now and he’s confidant he can get back to his best, THeir is a small chance that between them the ox, jack and Santi can provide cover for Ramsey and granit