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There’s no luck to it. If I shoot and don’t hit the target my shot was not accurate enough. That’s not luck.


Play that semi final 10 times Chelsea win 1 and play the final 10 times Chelsea win 1. Fair play to them they won the tournament, I suppose that’s what cup football is about.


Yeah. Chelsea were lucky that they didn’t hit the target on all those occasions of them hitting the woodwork. Chelsea didn’t use skill to make the ball hit the woodwork, it was out of their control. It was good fortune. Luck.

We were lucky not to be two down at half time against Spurs on the weekend. Eriksen and Alli both should have scored those sitters. They weren’t unlucky that they missed, because they should have done better, but we sure as hell were lucky that they didn’t score.


Man, really. The Chavs had so much luck that CL run it was ridiculous.
If one side has 10 shots and 8 hit the woord work and they completely dominate, but are unlucky not to convert a goal, then the other has got one chance and scores, then I am not so sure how you can say Chavs deserve it. It’s just plain stupid luck. Good for them, but to argue that they weren’t lucky is just ludicrous.

Your reasoning is just daft, imo.


i wrote up a really long reply to this and my phone turned itself off and for some reason it hasn’t saved as a draft.

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I think looking back, Chelsea got robbed quite a few times heforehand that 2012 was the universe paying them back.

I’d love to get that kind of renumeration off of UEFA for the bullshit we have been through but maybe Wenger is a secret referee murderer or something.


I agree with the general sentiment but, maybe we should just keep the element of luck out of it. On that first “sitter” that Eriksen missed on the weekend, it was luck that the ball even fell to him in that position in the first place, took a lucky deflection off a blocked cross and landed in his lap. Second Ali probably would have finished that header but Ox did enough to make it really difficult. You could debate it and nitpick everything endlessly.


At what point does luck begin and luck end? Injuries before the game, team selection, tactics, ref decisions, wind direction?


I was really just responding to the idea that there’s no luck involved in the outcomes of matches. That if one team scores and the other doesn’t then luck isn’t involved. It just seems obvious to me that luck can and does influence the outcome of matches sometimes, not every result can be explained by one side outperforming the other. I wasn’t even particularly trying to prove that Chelsea were lucky, or that we were lucky not to lose by a greater margin against Spurs, they’re just the examples/context for my wider point.


it sounds like more of a philosophical sense you disagree on, i.e. does luck exist at all.

Applying context via football only serves to complicate the above tbh.