Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)


If you’re playing in a two you can’t go marauding forward on a whim, it’s just tactical suicide.

In all honesty though the fault lies at Wenger’s feet because if/when Ramsey goes forward as is his game then the defence should cover with someone dropping in to fill his spot i.e. a wing back who hasn’t gone forward.

However, this kind of tactical discipline and foresight is beyond Wenger and the lack of it will continue to burn us at every opportunity.


Then let’s take a man out of defence and go to a proper 3 in midfield, because Ramsey’s looked dangerous in these early games and but for some good goaltending by the opposition netminders he should be on 3+ goals already this season


Ramsey was fine in the midfield two as I recall last spring, he was playing disciplined and well. Today he was pushing forward more but that’s probably because he sensed our lack of attacking threat.

We need better players and better tactical instruction, period. A better player than Xhaka, who unfortunately seems to be an idiot, a better player than Welbeck and Bellerín and Ox obviously, and players who are discouraged to play this awful, no patience style of over-direct, long-ball football with players terribly unsuited to such a style. Our manager stands in the way of both, unfortunately.


I don’t get why Iwobi doesn’t start ahead of Welbeck.


Wenger could even try Cech as CB. He did it with Monreal :henry2:


Agree its not worth the meltdown but really its just because expectation and hope has dwindled with so many of us now.
Yeah we struggle here usually to their physicality but that wasnt really there tonight. Unless we pull off something big signing wise its going to be a ordinary season. Theres no buzz around the club and everything just looks and feels samey now.


All the other top clubs, even mid table clubs, are showing ambition and we do the bare minimum.
We needed a massive transfer window to give us a lift and Wenger had no intention of doing anything more than Lacazette and Kolasinac on a free.

Like every season, he leaves us short of top quality and this sort of performance against Stoke is going to happen more often.


When I see 104 unread posts I know it’s not a good result :joy::joy:

Fucking lost 1-0 then. How bad were we?


id just use one word. ORDINARY


Up against an extraordinary parked bus.


Aim low and avoid disappointment is how I feel about Arsenal since that run of form at the start of the year. I don’t feel overly concerned as Alexis is coming back, same with Kosc and Laca will get better. But people ignore the good and say I don’t care because of an optimistic mentality. Lighten up…


If you can be happy with that then good for you. But fuck that.


One bad result is all it takes for people to come back to their senses. All until the next run of good results when the positivity comes back in. All hail Wenga. The with his mind, youthful lad.


Just watched MoTD and what the the fuck is the meltdown about?

Should have had a penalty on Bellerin and Lacazette had a screamer of a finish disallowed wrongly for offside.

Unlucky for us another day we win


Looked to me like Laca’s boot was marginally offside. God only knows how the lino could ever have called it in real time, but it seems to
me that he called it right.


On another day, against a better team, we will not be winning by playing like that.

Yes we were on the wrong end of a few decisions that on another day might go our way. But we gave away a cheap goal, our defence was a shambles and ultimately it was a pretty flat performance.

Too soon for a meltdown, I agree, but we definitely need to up our game.


Close one but I’d have given it tbh should always give marginal ones to the attacking team.

Btw how good is it to have a fucking clinical finisher though.


Offside is offside Calum. The more black and white the rules, the better. His foot is"just" offside, therefore he was sadly offside. Im female and I understand the damn rule, what excuse do you lot have? :speak_no_evil:


Exactly. We were shit. End of it. It’s gonna be a slaughter next week. Manè x2, Salah, Milner’s penalty and Koscielny’s own goal. Lacazette for us.


I’ll tell you what - this result is exactly what we deserved for that shit show against Leicester too.

Two games. Two poor performances. One win. One loss.

Shame on anyone who had optimism going into the first game.