Stoke v Arsenal (PL)


Glad to have been very wrong in my prediction. Great match!


Game of the season. Some beautiful football displayed. Peaking at the right time.


Now THAT ^^ is my idea of a post match report against Stoke. :sunglasses:


That felt good, so good.


You know what, I’m in too good a mood to argue with you on that one :smile:


We are peaking in time for the FA Cup final.


Ahh that context should have been obvious. That makes a lot more sense.

I was just thinking about the league in isolation, because hitting peak form once top four is out of our hands is not perfect.


Big win over Stoke finally most satisfying, especially when their fans were mocking Wenger who has more honours than their entire club.


Our 2nd goal in this match should be making our goal of the season list.

Infact all 4 of them were well worked goals, all with decent assists that you’d associate as being run of the mill with a quality Arsenal side but for too often this season we’ve been starved of them.


My word, did anyone watching on TV, more likely North American fans, hear David Pleats commentary during this match? It was fucking diabolical.

Stoke spend the entire match elbowing our guys in the head and clattering into us, no word. Rob Holding blocks off that cunt Arnautovic and he claims its a disgraceful challenge for which Holding should receive a red. 5 minutes later Crouch goes in two footed on Xhaka, barely a reaction.

Also kept claiming Crouches goal was legit and with his head. I was just as happy at beating Stoke as I was knowing that Spud cunt was crying inside at the end.


David Pleat was a fucking cunt tonight, all game long. He wanted a red for Holding’s tackle on Arnautovic and justified Crouches goal. Moron!




@Aussiegooner, your good record keeps going on :wink:


Mike Dean: Step aside Cristiano, I got this fam


You could even hear the disappointment in his voice near the end of the match when John Champion said the refs confirmed it was a handball.

Even when Sanchez was limping, he says “Look at Arsene Wenger on the bench doing nothing, not reacting” and the next shot 5 seconds later shows Wenger up on his feet and Welbeck and Walcott warming up.

It was astonishing, I swear he was slipped a few bills beforehand to talk bullshit about us. I’ve never heard commentary like it, even from Tony Gale.


A solid performance which was nice to see against this team of thugs

Thought Holding was great again with the added plus of taking out Arnautovic

Cant blame the ref or the linesman for not seeing the Crouch handball. Crouch should face retrospective action though for blatant cheating

Its just a shame that we couldnt find this sort of performance a month or 2 back