Stoke v Arsenal (PL)


Mustafi was epic midweek, glad to see him back in the team for another cup final.


We’ll be solid, dominate possession, but struggle to score. Two fullbacks as wing backs and two defensive oriented midfielders. Looks a lot like the team that played Leicester. Three attacking players on the pitch is not enough.


Coquelin back in the side, TV off.


I don’t know who you’ve been watching but Bellerin and Monreal love getting forward down the wing and can do that even more now with 3 at the back.

It’s technically 5 attacking players.


Had a massive argument with a girl I like, put all your money on a shit result for Arsenal and milan later


What is it with you and arguing with women all the time, is this why we’ve been shit? Does it coincide with you reaching puberty and getting interested in women? :joy:


Just shows again that the squad really isn’t designed for this formation. Going from Ox and Ramsey to Bellerin and Coq is a huge step down in offensive potency and we’re already playing a relatively poor offensive player at the other wingback because we have so few left footed options.


That is what the wing backs are supposed to do, yes. But we don’t really have the right players for it.


Giroud up top and Coq in midfield alongside Xhaka is a really really weak attacking team. We need Ozil and Sanchez to make some shit happen.

Edit: mdc or nah?


MDC open



Monreal been pretty dangerous so far, Bellerin with one assist :wink:


Ah man this is fucking SWEET. FUCKING Stoke the cunts. This was long overdue. Crouch the cheating handballing cunt.

Holding has been great again, also that knockout on Arnautovic was AWESOME. Top dog.



That feeling when you absolutely smash these bastards at their own ground at long last

What a tremendous performance this has been. The top 4 is now in sight :joy:

Thread reopened!


Clearing out that corporate named dog kennel early is one of the highlights of the season for me.


Fucking just seen crouch handballed. :rage: :rage:

Cost Holding clean sheet points in fpl argh!!!

Fucking mike dean


That. Was. Wonderful.

Someone fetch the post-coital cigarettes.


When we’re fighting for the top four no one gets in our way, it was an awesome performance.

Great to see us smash these cunts away but it’s a shame as these last few results are the kind we’ll only get when the title is a distant dream.

Still though I’m on Rick Flair status for the rest of the day.


What a win! Fuck off Crouch, Stoke, Hughes and that twat Dean! We were due a win against these thugs.


Tried to fuck us up again, the cunt!