Stoke v Arsenal (PL)


Stoke genuinely see this a derby match. We need to strart strong from the off and set a demanding tone otherwise it’s going to be a nervy 90 mins.


Well done mate :wink:


Stoke’s attitude to playing us is bizarre, they don’t give a fuck about playing us away, yet when the home game rolls round you’d think it was the rivalry to end all rivalries. For them anyway.


Yeah they always capitulate to us at the Emirates, so weird.


should be rotating for the cup final here. Running the risk of injury in this fixture. Rotate in the next 3 and be as refreshed for wembley. Chelsea going to be now. Need to be at least as ready as them for the final.


0-2 Arsenal

Come on you gunners!


They’re not bothered facing Arsenal at the Emirates but always treat their game at their stadium like a final, small mentality.


I wasn’t being serious but I would imagine being associated with a shirt, worn in the game where we lost our record of being in the CL for more than two decades, isn’t going to increase sales that much.

Also, kits are very much bought on stats.

The more wins, the more successful the club, the more shirt sales.


I get that a club’s overall shirt sales might increase with success. But, for me personally, if i’m buying a team’s shirt, I don’t think “oh I’ll go for the third kit because we won more games in that one” or to use your example “oh I can’t buy that one because we wore that in 6 games during the season we didn’t qualify for the Champions League”. That just doesn’t happen! I buy the one I like the look of and I think that is probably true of most people unless they are really odd… :smile:


I’ll go for any shirt that has a 10 or 14 on the back of it :wink:


Simple really. They are just a bunch of cunts.


I think this ‘rivalry’ has cooled somewhat now, especially now that Ramsey is equally despised by many Arsenal fans as well as Stoke fans :laughing:

I’ll always despise Stoke fans for booing a player with a broken leg, I know it was only some of them but that’s real barrel scraping material there


Used to have a Stoke fan that played for my football team. Even he was a cunt and Im quite a tolerant person.

Verdict, the whole City of Stoke is just one big scum bucket.


Cech, Mustafi, Holding, Koscielny, Coquelin, Xhaka, Bellerin, Monreal, Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud confirmed.


Holdini!! Guaranteed win now


Nice selection.


Coquelin? Game lost.


Best back three :muscle:

Ramsey taken out coz its Stoke


Knew Giroud would start this one. He is such a match v Stoke player.



Brilliant back 3! :giroud2: