Stoke City thread



Safe to say the news has gone down like a lead balloon with their fans. They may as well have hired Paul McCartney!


hope Stoke finally go down after all these years


Need to get rid of them because i don’t want to drop more points against them.


If this was the criteria for getting rid of a team we would have to get rid of the whole lot of the teams we face, lets face it we fucking lose to everyone and anyone nowadays.


But Stoke consider us their cup final :wink:



@Luca_from_Italy no more slating Scotland if they get relegated.

One of our favourite sons will have done the footballing world a huge public service.

Me and @Calum will expect our apologies posthaste


I promise it, but that angus @Calum should stop hating on Italy as well :wink:



Fucking neanderthal guys. Send them now on sunday!