Stan Kroenke's fuccbois vs Cherrypicking OAP Cunts


Wenger is really taking the piss with Welbeck in this position in a 3-4-3 :joy:


Wellbeck instead of Alexis


Wenger’s cunning plan is to play Welbeck against every shitty team that might buy him next summer and hope he doesn’t do too badly.


mdc open.






Good performance against a very poor team. Kolasinac, Ozil, Lacazette and Welbeck were great.


Well that was much easier than expected. Played well with some great passing movements.


Good performance against an awful side, an other side would have scored one or two goals against us today, but let’s focus on the positives :smiley:

Welbz 2 goals and assist
Laca great finish
Kolasinac assist and a great game
Ozil was class :fire:
CLEAN SHEET!!! :red_circle: :white_circle:


Clean sheet a positive and plenty of standout performances. Thought Ramsey was excellent today too, far more disciplined than his recent games and got an assist for Danny’s 2nd goal :ramsey:


Good to get a win, didn’t want to head to our annual Stamford Bridge battering with only 1 win in 4.


We’re always great putting awful sides to the sword, a perfect game for Wenger and his side after the debacle at Liverpool. Bournemouth are shockingly bad, they will be canon fodder this season. These games, if we turn up, we always will win quite easily. Good performances all around, Ozil and Ramsey always shine in these games.

I fully expect us to win the home games West Brom, Brighton, Watford away, Swansea. Chelsea, Everton and City we lose quite easily imo, once we come up against a top side or a well drilled one away from home, we falter. We are just so easy to read these days,


Hard to read but very true. We look brilliant against opposition who fail to even get off the coach.

Put us up against a well drilled side and we look lost. I expect us to beat Koln then get our arses handed to us by Chelsea.


Perfect opposition to face in our situation as it turns out. Other than their Stoke-like performance against City, Bournemouth have been diabolically bad - seriously, Championship level stuff.

Overall the game wasn’t very good, but we did have more moments of fluidity and coherence, which was good to see. Loving Kola and Laca acquisitions and nice to see Welbeck get some goals under our belt, but I expect it to be false dawn as I just don’t see it with Welbz, as likable as he is.

Ozil, Ramsey, Laca, Kola, and Welbz were our best players on the day.

Real test is next week with a highly competent and skilled team. Not optimistic, but at least we aren’t going in with massive crisis on top of everything else.


Enjoyed that and found it entertaining too. Will just a shout too even as an ardent Wenger out bloke I was impressed with his dignity with the press after the game
Looking forward to midweek game now and hopefully a few more goals.


Paper over the cracks. We’ll do decently until the usual November meltdown, then the usual Christmas bump, then post winter window collapse. Only to “give it a go” and finish 5th or 6th.