Stan Kroenke's fuccbois vs Cherrypicking OAP Cunts



No way we don’t concede. No way you don’t see the state of this club, our window, our last game and be an attacking side like Bournemouth and don’t absolutely go for it. It could be 3-2, could be 5-2, could be 2-3, could actually be 5-5. Fuck knows.


Its fans like these that the club love.

And the club reward them by mugging them off.

So who’s the real cunt in the end?




That was a very articulate and considered argument by “Bam,” Arsenal’s new public relations representative.

You can see why the club persuaded him to leave his job as the arts correspondent for the BBC news programme, Newsnight, to join us.


If that’s the case, the end will be here quicker for Wenger.

No result in the game would surprise me.


Proper football is back after the boring International break 3 o’clock kick off too !
I can’t see anything than an easy home win but as we all know this is the Arsenal !
I’d like to see Wenger throw caution into the wind and play 4 up front and really go for it to get some goals and confidence into the squad .
Hopefully Defoe will get some applause for being an absolute rock during little Bradley’s short life .
Credit to you .
Come on you Gooners
6-0 to The Arsenal .


I’ve just realised that Wenger and Howe are the longest serving managers in the PL at their clubs.


Bore draw with them getting a late equaliser in the rain. Fan meltdown should get us at least 2nd on motd after the 5 4 game at the Etihad.


Saturday 9 September, 15:00
The Emirates
Premier League

So we are back in action with half of the team who want out :poldi:. Big chance for Bournemouth to claim a good result here.

What will be the outcome?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Bournemouth win
  • Fuck this shit!

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@Luca_from_Italy cristo made a thread days ago!


If @Cristo, the danish rotten biscuit, chooses shit name for this threads i can’t recognize them :xhaka:


Any protest planned for today?


You can figure them out Luca, I know you can!


Will be in a church for a wedding ceremony while this is on. Can’t say I’m particularly gutted


You should help though :wink:


Mustafi starts. Alexis benched.


Still no Sanchez but at least Bellerín and Kola are playing in their actual positions.



Welbeck again :hipster: