Stan Kroenke


buuuuuuuuuut he could be like the new SAF for us! :santi2:


Lot’s of evidence has shown, it’s likely Gazidis in conjunction with the board who’ll decide who’ll come after Wenger. Don’t think Kroenke micromanages to the extent he has a major say in the next manager. Even then we obviously won’t pick clearly wrong choices like Hodgson. They’ll have a certain profile in mind

I personally think Gazidis’ abilities are underrated by alot of supporters. He seems to have a good understanding of modern football and whats required to be sucessful


If Stan Kroenke had ambition, he would’ve sat down with Wenger, discussed transfer targets(Van Dijk, Draxler, Lemar, Mahrez, Krychowiak, Seri, all players that could improve us in desired areas) and gave him a war chest to spend, that’s what an ambitious owner does. That hasn’t happened, and it will never happen as long as this guy owns Arsenal. We’ve spent around 25 million this summer with the money we’ve received for Wojiech and Gabriel, and we’re being told we need to sell more to buy? Ridiculous. 2 days to go and we’re still squabbling over fees for Gibbs, Perez etc, players who are currently nowhere near the starting 11. It really is a sad state of affairs. Mustafi going on loan when we need CB’s, Sanchez on Ox on the brink of following him out the door…and we have the prospect of Johnny Evans and Raheem Sterling joining, unbelievable ambition…NOT!:disappointed:


I can tell you for an absolute fact that fans boycotting games they have already purchased tickets for wouldnt phase Kroenke.

Non sales sure, but post sale fuckery? who cares, moneys already in the bank.


Ticket sales = part of matchday revenue. Unless those would meaningfully drop, I doubt Kroenke cares much if Arsenal are 2nd, 6th or worse on the table.

With games still selling out, Arsenal view the fans upset as a small segment, not indicative as a whole.


Yeah same here… I think people criticize him for various things, but the only real failing he has is sticking with our legendary manager for too long…


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This cunt needs to go but I simply just can’t see it happening, can someone give me one of his clubs/ franchises fan bases where the majority of fans like the bloke ? Also one of his clubs/ franchises where they consistently compete right at the top on field ?


As quoted elsewhere in the thread, the teams he owns/has a controlling stake in, all stink, full stop. He isn’t concerned with those teams winning on the field or if he is, he has put poor people in place to get it done.


Not defending this issue in particular, but it requires way more context… US sports, especially in those markets for those sports needs proper understanding. Most teams in the USA complain about their owners and their results… the worst are the “activist” owners who try to actually get involved In sporting matters.


Tbh The Dallas mavericks have achieved a lot more than Denver and don’t they have an “activist” owner.


I’m American and follow the NFL quite closely and I’m familiar with the NBA structure as well.

Point is that his teams stink and have for the last decade. The teams for him are a sports portfolio, nothing more. I understand the salary cap parity driven NFL, but the Rams haven’t even sniffed the playoffs in quite a while.

While he is certainly not an activist owner (like Snyder, Jones in the NFL, Cuban in the NBA or like the oil/billionaire owners of the EPL) he leaves the teams to be run by others. Issue is that the track record is quite poor of those “others” across multiple sports.

I’m sure he’d like for the teams to win, but it certainly isn’t the chief aim for him.


Only an empty stadium would have a slim chance of getting his attention. Other than that, our concerns as fans are not in his interest.


Yeah but you could say that about a bunch of other teams… .what star is going to Denver for basketball??? Or hockey in Colorado??? (to be fair, they were good for a few years)… St. Louis Rams is a case of being bad for a while, but same with lots of other teams… again, owners are incented like anyone else for success and owning a team is more of a “glamour asset” than real asset.

If you are assuming he is “Just in it for the money,” then you really don’t understand asset allocation of the insanely wealthy… Even Arsenal, which was an absolute HOME RUN, only returned about 14-15% compound annual interest to him, without any real dividends along the way… Hedge funds do better than that…

Only criticisms that are fair of him are:

  1. You want him to operate at a loss

  2. You want him to have fired AW earlier

Otherwise, it is all emotional noise.


American sports only have those considerations during free agency and if a player has a no trade clause in their contracts. Otherwise you go where your team sends you.

Stan probably doesn’t care too much about Arsenal fans being upset because on paper everything looks good. The club turns out some profits, we won a cup three out of the last four years and we may not be in UCL this year but there’s an impressive track record. He probably doesn’t know or care about how difficult it is to get back into UCL places once you drop out.


Unrelated question from a budding NFL causal: Does the move to LA for the Rams increase their chances of becoming a playoff team? If so why>

How highly rated is Goff? Does he have a serious future? How do you view Mcvay long and short term?



I am sure he doesn’t understand or offer “passion” as much as the Newcastle owner, but he isn’t a moron… he know the ins and outs of why his assets increase or decrease in value… like I said, it is either a vanity asset (which it probably is moreso), or a ROI asset… fact is, he can do better than AFC for ROI… easily.


Not really… salary cap and draft structure make the GM massively, massively important… and in the NFL there is not nearly the same issue with “I want to go to Miami, Chicago, LA” like the NBA… NFL is all about hyper-tactical coaching (Bellichek) and GM… managing the salary cap is HUGE.

They are in a tough division (I am a fan of Seattle Seahawks)… so they have a tough road for the next couple of years and I don’t see them really pulling any trees any time soon…

Goff? too early to tell… QB are supremely hard to project.


Moving to LA helps nothing on field. Kroenke is gonna make a lot more money being in LA though. More fans, better sponsorship, second largest media market in the country, more money here, etc.

Goff for me is like Xhaka. Was highly touted but it doesn’t look like the guy can even play. Mcvay is probably a good hire. It’s en vogue in the NFL right now to go out and hire some young hungry coach. He was a Redskins assistant and had a lot to do with developing their QB (Cousins) into one of the better QBs in the league. Snead and Fisher traded away a bunch of draft picks to get Goff and in doing so hurt the overall quality of the team. You build through the draft in the NFL, and they gave away a ton of picks on this kid who’s a stiff. Thus the Mcvay hire, they think he can develop Goff into a good QB. Kroenke still has idiots like Les Snead making player personnel decisions even though he and Fisher were equally culpable in making the Rams bad.

Anyways I detest the Rams, mainly because Kroenke is the owner and I see his greed first hand. In the new stadium being built, they are selling the rights to seats for $50,000. That’s not the ticket costs that’s just the rights to be able to buy season tickets. Disgusting to me. I don’t like NFL in general so I don’t watch it on TV or buy merchandise, and I’m sure as hell not going to let Kroenke get a dime of my money for that shit product. He’ll get me where Arsenal is concerned because they actually win stuff. However the Rams were the worst offense in the league last year, piss poor team.


That is the way of the NFL - rights to seats are sold for highest bidder… nothing new here, just the latest.