Stan Kroenke


Probably not. Only a significant drop in matchday revenues would get his attention.

Keep in mind, that the sports teams that he owns in America are pretty shit in their respective sports and have been for quite sometime. Kroenke doesn’t really seem to be bothered if the teams are any good or not. The new project in LA for the Rams looks like a good money maker regardless of how poor a team on the field that they are.


Sports teams are assets to Kroenke. They don’t need to be successful.


tbh I’d ned to see how another performs under SK to come to solid conclusions about his ownership.

The only thing I knock him for is keeping Wenger. I have a strong feeling once Wenger leaves and we get a ambitious manager things will change massively for the club


I doubt he gives much of a fuck, as would I if I had his sports portfolio and had to give a fuck about his basketball team (although I probably wouldn’t have bought a basketball team).

He probably has overview meetings about the state of the club where he’s told our team is good, we competed for the title last year, we got a good point haul, we won the cup and revenue is stable or increasing and sponsors are happy, we’re hopeful of good things this year.

I really doubt he’s looking at Wenger’s persistence on playing his favourites, not filling weaknesses in the squad, tactics in big games and motivation of players.

We lose some games but we win a lot more than we lose. I doubt he has the grasp of the fact that we could be title contenders if managed properly and we’re not title contenders now. We’re not his plaything and it is what it is.


If Kroenke remains owner, the only way we’ll ever compete for major honors is if we can find a brilliant Director of Football, one capable of building a new scouting structure and allowing us to compete with more-resourced clubs, a la Atleti or BvB. The problem is that I have zero confidence in Kroenke’s ability to find and hire that person. Across all the sports teams that he has owned, not a single one has ever been known for having great management or being particularly savvy.


Alright folks,

First time posting in one of these but I feel I need to get something off my chest.
I have never been as frustrated as I am right now in all my years as a gooner. As sad as it is to admit it, I genuinely feel I’m falling out of love with my club right now.
I understand the frustrations from everyone with regards to Wenger. Stoke was just absolutely baffling to me, tactically and line up wise, still scratching my head, but then again, we’ve all been there before, plenty of times sadly.
I have always been an advocate of Wenger, even right up until this season started because I do respect him and what he’s done for the club. I really do feel now though that his time is up, something is just really not right at our club, but surprisingly I don’t necessarily want ‘Wenger out’.
I WANT KROENKE OUT!, with every fibre of my being. We have an owner who is just not interested, he’s not a football man, he’s a businessman. He quite clearly has no ambition when it comes to this football club and when the club is in crisis like now, he’s nowhere to be seen, he should be in and around the club in a time like this, instead he’s in America overseeing his new vinyard.
I want protests now, strong protests, forget the Wenger out banners, at the next home game fill the stadium with Kroenke out banners. Get this guy to fuck out of our club, we need a new owner with ambition, investment, and a proper restructuring model. The guy is a cancer and as long as he owns Arsenal, there will be zero change, because ultimately he backs Wenger aswell. Real change starts with the owner folks. Protest away…KROENKE OUT!!!


Welcome and well said. Organizational dysfunction starts at the top so change needs to start at the top.


Deep down you know Kroenke isn’t going anywhere, and you know no amount of fan protest will compel him to sell.

If you want change at this club it starts with Wenger not being here anymore. It’s a simple as that. Wenger is the only factor preventing us from being sucessful bin him and the culture of the club changes overnight


I agree he would be a very reluctant seller. I honestly can’t see any other way to move forward for the better though, can you?
A change of manager, surely he would get the same money to spend as Wenger and the same shit infrastructure around him? Would it take constant protests, boycotting games completely? Surely that would send messages. Its not want I want to happen, boycotting games is never good for the team itself but my god man, I’m at my wits end with this shit now. Something needs to happen.




Welcome along. :slight_smile:

I see where you’re coming from but realistically if anyone but Kroenke was running the show Wenger would likely be gone.


That’s exactly my point, it starts from the top, Kroenke has came in and seen how much profit this club has made, as Wenger has kept is relatively stable over the last 10 years, so the owner is fine with that. There will be no change unless the change is at the top.
I’m from Scotland which may surprise a few of you the fact I support Arsenal, but I have never liked Scottish football. I have family in London who are all Gooners so I’ve been a gooner since I was 9 years old. Been to the Emirates and Highbury plenty of times, always try and get down for game when I can, every season I buy every new shirt that’s released, I have Arsenal Tattoo’s, and honestly I’ve never felt so out of touch, and out of love with my beloved Arsenal than I do now. I’ve already bought the third kit this year and planned to buy the other and get down for a few games later in the season, but honestly now, I’m not bothering, why should I spend my money on strips and matchdays, when the owner, the billionaire, isn’t even interested.


So you’ve changed your tune on Kroenke?

It’s an interesting dilema because on one hand if Wenger was finally relieved of his duties and we actually got a good manager in, what kind of restrictions would the guy have? Would he still be subject to penny pinching? Or would he have some signings forced upon him the way it seems Wenger has? I’m curious to know if Kroenke is really hands off and will just leave the management of the club to Gazidis or if some of the brainless moves we are making as a club are directives from Kroenke himself.


I agree that its unlikely Kroenke sells but its not out of the question.

Honestly, I think you are way too optimistic to believe that Wenger is the only problem. All of Kroenke’s sports team are poorly run, with generally mediocre people in the equivalent of the Director of Football role. He has never demonstrated any vision for picking the next great manager or DoF equivalent. And it shows on the field or court. The Rams have never had a winning record since being bought by Kroenke. The Nuggets have made it past the first round of the playoffs (which means just the last 8 teams out of 30) only once in 17 years. The Avalanche won the Stanley Cup the first year after Kroenke bought them (he bought a very good team and did nothing of note to change them, as the season started only a few months after the sale) but have been pretty bad since then and now have missed the playoffs for seven of the last nine years. The Colorado Rapids have not won their conference in the 13 years since Kroenke bought them.

Its a stunning track record of sporting mediocrity. But the amazing thing is that in all of these sports, his teams play in leagues with salary caps - the financial playing field is completely even and his teams still don’t challenge for the major honors and titles. So how likely is it that Kroenke’s Arsenal, severely underresourced compared to clubs like United, City, and Chelsea, will do that?


What was my tune and what is it you feel has changed?


Trust me, that’s not a suprise. :joy:


Cause you’ve said in the past Kroenke was not the issue.



I just said. Remove Wenger and the club’s culture and practices changes overnight if you bring in the right man as the club move to shortism policy

Why? Because the new manager won’t exhibit Wenger’s worst managerial traits and he won’t have many of the luxuries Wenger currently enjoys because from day one he’ll be under pressure to perform. Something which currently Wenger lacks

Wenger has deluded himself into thinking he’s some guardian of Arsenal FC, this has affected our transfer dealings countless times because he feels the need to ‘protect’ the club from potential detrimental deals. A new manager takes risks in the market for his own benefit, preservation of his job and to serve his own ambition.

A new manager will utilise the resources available to give himself the best chance to make success for the club which in turn results in is his own success.

A new manager adopts a far more ruthless approach to squad composition because he has no allegiance to the current squad. He has no favorites, and the players are under pressure to perform to ensure their place in the 11 and at the club under the new manager. You think the likes of Ramsey and Theo would have survived at this club so long under a different manager?

A new manager bins Wenger’s socialist wage structure immediately. That isn’t a value of AFC at all, it Wenger’s personal indulgence. A new manager will want his best assets on more money and worse on less. Why!? Because his best assets give him a better chance of success.

Wenger represents socialistic decay and it’s inevitable stagnation. Capitalist values and competition is the only thing that will save Arsenal FC.


His inaction is the issue. Or his action in offering another contract if you prefer.

I don’t have a problem with Kroenke, I just wish he hadn’t made such a terrible decision.


I agree with all your criticisms of Wenger. But, from Kroenke’s track record, it seems much more likely that Wenger will leave and then Kroenke will replace him with some kind of mediocre known quantity like Roberto Mancini or, gulp, Roy Hodgson. We’ll be rid of Wenger’s worst managerial traits, which will be a blessing, but we’ll swap them out for some other mediocre manager, who will face better managers/DoFs with more resources. So we’ll just be a different flavor of bad. This club needs talented, visionary people in the managerial and DoF roles if its going to have a chance to beat better resourced clubs and there is little reason to believe Kroenke understands that or is capable of finding and recruiting them.