Stan Kroenke


Big Stan will be so proud.


We might as well have stayed at Highbury.


The move hasn’t propelled us forward, that’s one thing that can’t be denied.

With the way money has changed we were probably beat of doing the move now lol




No money though :arteta: :arteta: :arteta: :arteta:


Fuck this shit man.


as much as i dont like wiggy i feel this is all down to wenger. I think people will find that Gazidis isnt as bad as is being made to look by wenger. Gazidis has had a hand in building the MLS he knows football has an extensive say/hand in the EPL stuff as well but i think wenger fucks around too much and makes him look stupid. He wanted him gone so did most of the board apparently but wenger went direct to Stan and he was stupid enough to give him a new deal after all of the trouble he caused last season. Gazidis wanted a DOF etc but that fucker wenger decided against it. I think Gazidis is aching for wenger to fuck off just as much as we are.


The club is pleased with the summer business. Game over guys.


“The club are happy with their summer business.”

That sentence sums up the arrogance, contempt and complete lack of ambition they have.

It proves they have lied and deceived the supporters in yet another transfer window.

Also the line that says that the fact they didn’t sell Sanchez, underlines how determined they are to challenge for the PL title, shows their stupidity, naivety and how deluded they really are.

If you’re going to act like morons at least don’t brag about it.


“Pleased with their summer business” is the nail in the coffin for us. It means we have no ambition anymore.


they feel this squad…THIS SQUAD is gonna mount a title challenge, fucking hell i thought the spuds were delusional. Maybe this is what happens when you have an owner that doesnt watch the shitshows that are being served up by this squad and a manager that ‘insists we have the qwualitee and desire’ jeeez what are they doing in this club its beyond the joke.


Precisely guys, I just feel so dejected right now man.
Wenger signing a new deal didn’t piss me off so much because I always maintained the belief that if by some miracle we just had one good transfer window this summer and got the players in we needed, he could revive this team, but again, it just hasn’t happened. I don’t even hold the belief that this squad has the fight to reach the top 4 or get to the latter stages of the Europa league. Very worrying times.:disappointed: I’ve never said it in my life up until now…Wenger out! I actually believe he’s delusional now thinking we can challenge with this squad.


I wouldnt read into this statement about the club being happy with the summer. Behind the scenes they KNOW this is far from a good situation. They wont say this in public, come on now.


From a financial perspective this has been a good window for Kroenke, which is all he is worried about.
I doubt if he even knows who Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain are, so unless it affects his wallet he is more than happy.


You always profess SK is only about the money when you know that doesn’t correlate to reality.


I would say it’s been a reasonable window financially for Stan, he could have sold an asset for 60 million quid that he will lose for free now, so that’s a bit of a bow to him.


It certainly isn’t about football.
He is a parasite who feeds off the supporters.
He has done absolutely nothing for the club since he came here.


Dude its just standard PR.

Blows my mind how everything is taken without a hint of objectivity about it. Like the only time anyone reads between lines is because it doesn’t suit the narrative.

If we supported a club that publically argued amongst themselves, slated the club owner for hunting animals, and told the papers that wengers a dried up old cunt that didn’t know his arse from his elbow, then we would genuinely be a fucking mess.

We really have to stop taking general statements made entirely for copy paste PR interviews as a genuine form of transparency into what goes on.


So the fact that clubs had like Watford & Brighton had a net spend of 60 million more than us, is that down to Stan ? Or Wenger ?


Net spend margins like that in the modern market is pretty insignificant tbh. 4 years ago that was the difference, today though? That’s not really important.