Stan Kroenke


Is it true? I personally have no idea but I’d say no.

That entire scenario was pitched from a very obscure Journo (Matt Scott) quite a while back and hasn’t been picked up by any major news outlets in the UK or US since.

The premise itself doesn’t really make sense. In the recent past Arsenal spent more than we made in players sales. His shares at Arsenal FC account for very little of his entire asset portfolio. The figures Arsenal are dealing with each summer account for even less in the grand scheme of things.

What people never get is that Football club are not great investment vehicles - owning a football club is more of a vanity project and publicity tool


I just seen a headline from ‘Arseblog’ on facebook saying that Kroenke has came out and said there is no more money to spend on a Star player…is this true? anyone got anymore info on this? My phone wouldn’t let me load the article for some reason.
If it’s true then he’s signed our death warrant for the season, and it also doesn’t make any sense because we’re almost in profit transfer wise, we’ve supposedly had big bids for Mbappe and Lemar rejected so where is the fucking money?


its utter shite the stuff about kroenke…he wouldnt announce that.


Well let’s hope we go out and get some players tomorrow then because this situation is actually killing my soul☹️


Its a picture of Kroenke but the words aren’t his. The video is Ornstein.


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that is without the recent outs i am sure. That is definitely without Gibbs and AOC.


Definitely man, as it stands with the prospect of Sanchez leaving we’ll be over 100 million in profit.

If they want to get us excited again, tomorrow they have to put on their big boy pants and go balls out to get Van Dijk, Seri and Draxler, but sadly, realistically, I think we’re looking at Evans…and that’s it.

Season over before it’s even began. I’m honestly starting to lose interest in the club, it’s a complete and utter mess, and years of frustration with the same thing year after year is just turning into boredom for me now.

Surely we’ve got to get some quality in tomorrow?!! SURELY!!!:sob::sob::sob:


We won’t even be getting Evans tomorrow since we haven’t sold Mustafi.

We’ll be getting absolutely no-one tomorrow. Lacazette salary and transfer fee as well as Kolasinac salary has hamstrung us apparently


Again, what a load of fucking A class nitrate-free all natural horseshite.

We got enough money to give tennage mutant ninja turtle a bumper £180k per week deal, but not enough money for the kinds of cheap value deals clubs like Monaco and Dortmund make weekly all summer?!

This ‘leak’ stinks. Nice try Wenger.


this is the end of an era of (relative) success.

We are done.

Our business model cannot compete with the likes of our competitors.

We need an engaged billionaire and we need to become Galactico.


Everyone says that but I bet we will still have around 75 points come May. We aren’t winning much but we aren’t gonna be mid table either.


Because there is a natural floor for a club like arsenal… 6-8th with our vast advantages over teams below us (and above us). Our range barring one-off season like Chelsea had is 1-5, but now we are stretching for 6-8. Reality is, beyond 6 clubs, the league is pretty meh still.


Still seeing links and rumours about Draxler, he’s a top player, and that SHOULD excite me. I no doubt will be relatively happy if it comes to fruition, but deep down I can’t bring myself to get too excited about the prospect of us landing him because, yet again, it’s not the player to solve our problems.

Heart - "Draxler, YAYYYYY!"
Head - “Same old, same old”


At the very least we’d get to see another high priced new face sitting on the bench for important games.


Top stuff from big Vince here


Well, looks like we’re signing absolutely no cunt today guys.


Appalling window.

If Matt Law to be believed, we identified need for a GK, LB, CF, CM and Winger in May.

The fact that 2 of these had been addressed in June shows what a shambles it’s been since.