Southampton Vs Arsenal (PL)


We’ll win because of the beautiful third kit, assuming the graphics of the Twitter lineup.


Roberto Holdini is playing.

This is a win ​for the arsenal!


Be good to see Mustafi back. He’s on the ball and passing skills could be useful and this formation will allow him to foray in the midfield a bit more with Monreal and Holding staying back when he goes forward.


People losing it on Twitter because Gibbo is (apparently) captain. :joy:


MDC open muthafuckers!!!


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:40, topic:1448, full:true”]
OH FUCK! Just realized that scottish angus has opened this thread. We’re doomed. 3-0 to Southampton
[/quote]Don’t worry, Calum is on a winning run now :grin:

Thread reopened! Great result. Finally take victory at St Mary’s after many seasons in the League. It’s been a happy place for the Gunners this season.

Now how I would LOVE for us to end our hoodoo against those mugs in Stoke. Come on you Arsenal :theo:


Hope you put money on it!


Never doubted @Calum, my scottish brother :giroud: :hipster:
I like this new system. We are more boring to watch, but it’s better to grind out results.


4th place will actually become interesting if we manage to beat Stoke on Saturday evening. Not much in the game tonight, the quality of Ozil and Sanchez for the decisive 1st goal was the difference.


Nope. :facepalm:


Clean sheet and a win away from home, can’t complain. But the amount of times we lost the ball in our own half was infuriating.


Good result but typical that with little to play for in the league is when Wenger finally gets a win over Jose and we beat Saints away in the league for the first since they were promoted.

That contract is almost signed, sealed and delivered.


Can we finally get a win at the Brittania this week also ? They say that things come in threes lol.


I dunno last time we beat them away we used voodoo to trade a win for Ramsey’s broken leg.


Boring as fuck to watch but solid defensive display and a moment of genius from Alexis :heart_eyes:


Has Walcott fallen desperately pit of favour? Or has he asked for a move away? It’s ominous how he doesn’t make an appearance, even as a substitute


Walcott doesn’t really suit this system so he doesn’t play.

One of the few things Wenger has got right in recent months.


I think if we were losing either game that we’ve played in the last 5 days going into the 75th minute, we’d have been certain to see walcott on the pitch


Who would he come on for?

Not for Alexis or Özil and Wenger is now firmly has Welbeck and Giroud for CF.


We’ve won every game in that black kit now.